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The Geekalicious blog is written by myself, Nickie O'Hara - wife to one, Mum to three and Nana to two (yes, really!).  I write blogging and social media tutorials and love to talk about blogging in general. Some of these posts have first been published on my other blog, Typecast but they have been rewritten and updated. There is also some brand new content too.  I shall also be taking some of the slides from my presentation at Cybher 2012 and expanding on tools and facilities provided by the Blogger platform. 

I will be introducing some e-books that I have planned and will be hosting guest posts from other networks and bloggers.  Please feel free to have a look around and I'd love to hear your feedback and any ideas for posts. Don't forget to subscribe so you can receive regular updates.

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  • To contact me, please email me on geekaliciousUK@gmail.com - my name is Nickie and I live in Lancashire.
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