How to Use Promotional Merchandise at Christmas

Photo by Marina Khrapova on Unsplash

The Christmas period is a great time to go all out with your marketing efforts, as people are in the right frame of mind to spend some money. There are lots of different things you can do to attract potential customers and existing ones, so it’s worth consulting last years’ trends as well as figuring out what worked well for your competitors so that you can decide what direction to take. 

Promotional merchandise is one great option, and a way to say thank you to your customers for their continued to support. If you’re an eCommerce company, you could add a little branded item to your deliveries throughout December to let customers know you appreciate them. It will make them smile and they will be more likely to remember you in the future. Alternatively, if you have a retail store or a restaurant, you might want to give away some little branded Santa chocolates or candy canes to passers-by to encourage them to come in. 

Branded products, no matter how they are used, are a great way to make an excellent first impression, but also a lasting one. If you’re attending a Christmas exposition, your stall will probably be far more popular if you giveaway some branded items. Promotional advent calendars are another great option and could be given either to prospective customers or to your staff. Either way, you make your brand visible to more people. 

Whatever promotional merchandise you eventually choose, it should always reflect your business values. For instance, if you claim to be an environmentally friendly company then your branded giveaway items should be environmentally friendly – otherwise you’ll look like hypocrites. Try and be quite creative in order to stand out from a crowd of businesses that are probably trying the same tactics.

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