3 Ways New Businesses Can Attract Customers

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Starting a business is difficult – and officially launching can feel like a huge weight has lifted from your shoulders. But then comes the hard part – how do you entice clients to use you? There are a variety of methods from special offers to boosting social media to creating a video campaign that businesses can use to enhance their client base.

Special Offers

Some businesses utilise the sales promotions of giving special offers to gain customers. Netflix is famous for offering a free trial. Their plan is to hook customers with the content they provide so they continue using the service after the free trial has ended. As Oddschecker shows, betting companies offer a variety of different offers with free bets or chances to win to try to differentiate from competitors - even established brands like William Hill and Coral. Many customers may choose a brand initially based on how they feel they will give back to them and sales promotions help customers feel as though the brand is helping them out.

Social Media

Social media is a given for most businesses in this day and age and the ability to go viral and spread a message far and wide for little cost is tempting for new businesses. With the correct strategy, businesses can use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to disseminate key messages to achieve their objectives. UK bakery Gregg’s often go viral with carefully crafted tweets that tap into the brand’s personality and the zeitgeist. US frozen meat brand Steak-umm have a similarly strong personality that ended up creating a movement.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Shoot a Video

You might be starting a business that is anything but visual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t call on the lights, camera, and action process to showcase your flair in your sector. Video can not only show off what you do or what you sell, but it can also explain more complex parts of your business and ultimately persuade potential customers to choose your services in that field. For example, photo-to-postcard app Postly have an animated explainer video that outlines how their service works and why you might want to use them.

Savvy businesses have a multitude of ways to attain new customers and to keep their existing client base strong. While most start-ups don’t have a huge amount of money behind them, using what you do have can pay back dividends. Whether a business opts for a sales promotion to lure new customers, boosting to social media to spread their message or giving their brand the Hollywood treatment, each way has been proven to boost business.