Business Cybersecurity Should Never Be Overlooked

Business Cybersecurity Should Never Be Overlooked

We wrote 4 years ago on the importance of cybersecurity and today, the requirement for keeping your business as safe as possible has never been more important. We're moving toward an incredible uptake in the amount of digital transactions and services that are being utilized by people: keeping that as safe as possible is vital to every single business. This isn't just hyperbole – the facts speak for themselves on the topic of data security.

Today, Malwarebytes reported in their quarterly Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques Report that Q3 of 2018 saw a 55% increase in business-focused attacks when compared to the first half of the year. Detections of attacks via consumer products increased just 4% in comparison – sophisticated hackers are poised to make businesses their main targets over the coming years as incredibly valuable data is kept online.

In the last month alone, the Department of Defense had a breach of 30,000 employees' data, Facebook had 29 million accounts compromised and UK Supermarket Giant Tesco were fined 16 million GBP for a cyber-attack from which hackers stole over 2 million GBP from Tesco Bank users. Let's not also forget that Bloomberg accused both Amazon and Apple of having been compromised by physical chips installed in their servers. Fingers crossed no one was looking at Imagefap while on the job!

Every business should take these statistics and cases for what they are: a clear indication that data security is incredibly vital. As a wise man once said – you don't really care about whether or not you have good security until you need it! Every person who's looking to begin a startup should be thinking a little about how they're going to keep things secure. The basics include not reusing passwords, supporting HTTPS on your website, salting and hashing user passwords and encrypting sensitive data that might affect your company if it were made public.

We're not experts on security, but we know you ought to be if you've got a business you care about!