The Importance of Having Fun with Your Money

Image Credit: Pixabay

Money makes the world go round but it shouldn’t just be for getting from one week to the next without touching your overdraft. Instead, you should see money as the best way to achieve your goals and ambitions as well as have a little bit of fun. 

If you can manage your budget smartly, keep your bad habits reigned in and maybe even earn a little extra on the side, you can give yourself a fantastic lifestyle without breaking the bank. 

Manage Your Budget

Budgeting is a really important part of money management as it can be used to project your future worth as well as allocate funds for specific areas of your life. While lots of people think of budgeting as a negative thing that only happens when you are falling short, you should think of it instead as lots of dedicated pots of money, all for you to spend wisely. In short, everyone should have a sensible budget

Within your budget, you should account for all your basic needs such as rent, groceries and bills as well as your financial goals including savings and investments. But, you should also give yourself some money to play with. This money can only come out of your disposable income (don’t choose fun over electricity!) but it will show you what you have to spend on luxuries like dining out, going to the cinema or playing online games - whatever floats your boat. 

What Makes You Happy?

Now that you have a budget in place, you get to decide how you spend it each month. However, just because you know that this money is essentially for fun, doesn’t mean that you should stop looking for the best deal or spend for the sake of it. 

For example, if you enjoy playing the odd game of bingo, you should still look for the best deals on a Bingo Power website to see where you can play the most for your money. Similarly, if you are a something of a mountain climber, you should see if there are any great deals on your equipment, such as carabiners, to your money go further. 

When you know what makes you happy, finding deals online is quite simple. And, since these are the things you enjoy, you are well incentivised to make the money go further! 

Earn a Little Extra on the Side

If your fun budget isn’t quite cutting it, or you want to increase your savings so that you can take a holiday, it’s a good idea to take on a little extra work on the side. Blogging is a popular idea that doesn’t take up a lot of your time and is still quite fun. Alternatively, you could take on a shift in a shop or a bar. You could also do simple things like go through your wardrobe and old stuff and sell it online. 

Whatever you manage to make in your side hustle can go straight into your fun money pot - if you are willing to work hard, you get to play hard too!