Why You Should Move to North London

Why You Should Move to North London - Photo Credit : Rob Bye - Unsplash
Photo Credit : Rob Bye - Unsplash

It’s a sad fact of life that when you’re renting in London (and who can afford to do otherwise?), you’ll have to move house a lot. Landlords decide to sell or raise rent; relationships get serious or breakdown; promotions and pay freezes alter your budget suddenly, whatever the reason, the outcome is the same. You’ll find yourself searching property sites and calling estate agents, looking for a new place to call home.

To maintain your sanity, it’s wise to consider an opportunity as much as an inconvenience. While the turnover in houses is swift, it gives you the chance to live in different areas around the city, sampling suburbs and boroughs until a place that feels like it could be home.

Today, let’s turn our eyes on North London and find out why you ought to move there at your first opportunity.

Rich History

North London has been home to some of the most interesting and important figures in the city’s history. Let’s look at Highgate alone: Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived in the area and is buried in the local church, and his literary neighbours include JB Priestley and John Betjeman. 

The nearby Highgate Cemetery is home to some impressive Victorian tombs and is a peaceful and beautiful place to walk on an autumnal Sunday.


North London also has some inspiring work opportunities, so you could find yourself with a short commute to your next exciting job.

Several large corporations make their home in the Northern boroughs of the cities, from McDonalds, through fashion houses like Ted Baker and Jacques Vert, and publishers like Quarto. It’s also home to a healthy scattering of charities. This means that not only could you find a new career close to your new home, but also you’ll be living with a varied, interesting population of people living and working in your area.

Green Space

North London is rich in green spaces as well. Hampstead Heath is perhaps the largest but the Boroughs are scattered with smaller parks to help you find an oasis of calm in the midst of the city whenever you need one.In all, it can only benefit your career and quality of life to pack up and move! If you’re looking for storage North London has plenty of choice to help you keep your possessions safe until your new home is ready to furnish!