Sectors That Have Been Revolutionised By Modern Technology

As technology improves more and more industries are keen to utilise it within their operations. Online services can often prove a cheaper means than face to face services as there is a lower need for staff and workspace. There are some industries which have seen more benefit than others from implementing technology within their catalogue of services.

As my husband gets older, he is often concerned about hair loss - even though these are determined by our genes and hormones and we appear to be blessed with relatives that have good heads of hair.  However, he has already looked into hair transplant costs and the new technologies being used to correct thinning or receding hair lines. If it's good enough for Wayne Rooney then it's good enough for my husband! 

Shopping has seen a huge shift towards online sales, a number of retailers have seen success from having purely online stores such as Amazon. This new E-commerce technology has also allowed smaller businesses to reach a larger audience with their products. eBay has seen a trend of online auction sites for people to sell their unwanted items. Before people were forced to give their unwanted gift and ill-fitting clothing to charity shops or try and give them away to unsuspecting people as birthday or Christmas presents; now there’s the option to make a small amount of cash back. These sites also offer collectors of niche items a place to find rare collectables, and websites can set up online stores through larger market places such as eBay and Amazon to sell products without the expense of redesigning their website.

Now with the increase in smartphone and tablet users, gaming companies have discovered a growing market for mobile games . A number of large commercial releases such as Grand Theft Auto have been released for phones and tablets. There are also a huge range of online and app based games that are designed purely for mobile gamers such as popular RPG’s such as clash of clans. Web based games have also vastly improved over the last few years as developers have able to utilise more demanding software for a better user experience.

There are still a number of industries which have yet to capitalise on new technology. Markets such as construction are still in the early phases of implementing technology into their processes, construction is a fine example of industries which will benefit from automating their work. As a highly dangerous industry, a lot of people are injured or even die from working in construction and not only is this unnecessary pain and suffering, it is also incredibly expensive in terms of insurance, wages and legal suits.