How Not To Be Confused When Job Hunting

Looking for a good job in the industry you want to work in can be a minefield. Some people call it looking for a needle in a haystack, but an actual hay needle is very easy to find! Trying to find the job you want, at the salary you need, with a company that you can grow with – not an easy feat. Landing that perfect role is always a challenge, and when you are presented with all the ways you can look for work, it’s no wonder you easily get confused. The world has evolved so much in terms of technology that looking for work is no longer as simple as walking up to a business and asking for work in the field that you want to work in.

In the market today, employers are saturated with candidates. For every job that you find listed on a jobs board, there are over one hundred people who will apply for that job. You can narrow down your search for jobs in your industry by using a recruitment agency, but that can still pose some issues. For example, Tradeline are a construction recruitment agency, which means they are specialist in that particular industry. If you are using recruitment agencies, you can narrow down your job search simply by using ones specific to your role and not the generic agencies that cover more than one. When you want to find work, you need to be demanding, specific and selfish in your search. Yes, there are hundreds of candidates out there, but you have to believe that you are the best at what you do, and you are a step ahead.

The problem is the confusion in the hunt. Companies will direct you to apply online when it comes to putting yourself forward for work, and you should be writing cover letters that are job specific and tailoring your CV to a role you are applying for. This is time-consuming work for someone who is desperate to find a new job, and job hunting is very much a numbers game. For all the resumes and applications that you send out, you may get very minimal responses. The responses that you do get may be automated, which doesn’t help you when it comes to trying to work out how to better yourself for the next application. Job hunting is a confusing, busy and intricate process and even though we live in a digital age, you need to learn to pick up the phone, too.

It may well be an old-fashioned method, but picking up the phone and doing a call around is the best way to introduce yourself to businesses that may need your skills. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, even when the process of looking for work is difficult. Job hunting may be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be a confusing one. All you have to do is know your worth and know what you want before chasing after it.