Getting the Right People on Your Team

 Getting the Right People on Your Team -- Photo Credit : Corinne Kutz - Unsplash
Photo Credit : Corinne Kutz - Unsplash

One of the most important things, when you’re running a business, is building the right team. In the early days, you have to be a lone wolf. You’re the sole decision maker, and also the expert in all areas of the business, from strategy and sales, to HR and technology. While you might have other people working for you, they’re just there to provide their labour rather than contribute to the decision making process at an executive level. Of course, a good CEO can see the contribution people can make at all levels of the business, down to the most junior, and some of your entry level staff may have really useful insights for you. Officially though, you’re alone at the top, with no support.

Once your business begins to grow, you need to think about building out your team. It’s no longer realistic for you to carry the burden of decision making alone, and you can no longer run your business with the total flexibility of a start up. You need generals, so your main job can be deciding the strategy for the company and they can turn it into tactics which lower level employees can carry out.

Putting the right team together is a big responsibility. If you get it right you’ll have a diverse, highly skilled set of generals to steer your business through any crisis, and challenge you to be better every day. If you get it wrong, you’ll end up either mired in disagreements and unable to progress, or surrounded by people who only agree with you and can’t see problems coming.

The first thing you need to do is some honest reflection. You can't hire a good executive team until you know what your own strengths and weaknesses are. Look at your qualifications and your experience at work to date: your successes will paint a picture of where your strengths are. Your weaknesses are where you need pushing.

If you’re lacking in Sales experience, for example, hiring in a driven and experienced Sales executive to help push your product, and push you to be more sales-oriented is a great idea. It might make you less comfortable but it will help you develop your business and your own skills. Hiring more executives focused on developing the product will reinforce you and keep you trapped in your own comfort zone. 

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