The Challenges of Self-Employment & How You Can Overcome Them

Whether you’re just entering self-employed or are considering whether to do so in the future, you need to fully understand the main challenges you’ll face. You don’t want to learn these lessons when it’s already too late. That would be a disaster, and you want to deal with as few of them as possible when you’re self-employed. So, without further ado, here are the main challenges of self-employment and how you can overcome them.

Motivating Yourself

You will have no manager or team leader around to motivate you when you’re self-employed. And you won’t even have the motivation of working as part of a wider team because it’s just you. This can make it really difficult to motivate yourself, especially when things aren’t going as well as you might like them to. Setting goals for yourself is one good way to get around this problem. It provides you with something to focus on, and you will need to work hard to get there.

Looking After the Legal and Financial Stuff

Every company, whether it’s a huge conglomerate or a sole trader outfit, has to think about the legal and financial things. Of course, these are quite specialist areas, and they’re also massively important. If you don’t look after the legal and financial stuff, your self-employed enterprise could tank before you even get started. That’s why you should work with other people. Places like Tradesman Saver can help you with some of the legal stuff. And going to an accountant will take huge pressure off your shoulders.

Getting Your Name and Face Out There

You don’t have the reputation and brand of a company to fall back on when you’re self-employed. All you’ve got is your own face and name. So, if you want to get more business and more customers, you will have to get your name and face out there. That can be tricky, and if you’ve never tried to do it before, you will make mistakes and trip up when you first do it. However, learning about marketing and online advertising will help you to build a brand around yourself in no time.

Having to do Everything

When you’re self-employed, you’re in charge of everything. Until your small business gets big enough for you to hire other people, which might not ever happen, you’ll have to take care of pretty much everything. There will be no one else that you can rely on, so you’ll end up doing the things you hate, as well as the things you enjoy. You really do have to get used to taking the rough with the smooth when you’re self-employed; that’s just the way it is. You should diversify your skills and get better at the things you hate if you want to overcome this.

Clearly, being a self-employed worker is not easy. But as well as the difficult, working for yourself can also be incredibly liberating and freeing. That in itself makes the whole thing worthwhile for many people, so don’t give up.