Affordable Perks Your Employees Will Love Your For

Affordable Perks Your Employees Will Love Your For

If you want your business to run like the well-oiled machine you know it can be, one thing you can’t afford not to do is keep your employees happy. Why? Because although you might think you’re running the show, it is your employees who are down there working on the coal face and if they aren’t happy, do you think they’re really going to do their best for you? Low morale makes for low productivity - FACT! The good news is that making your employees happy isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Give your employees the following perks, and they’ll not only love you, but they’ll skip to work like happy little bunnies every day, and your productivity will shoot up...

Working from Home

If you run a business where there is no real need for your employees to commute to an office, punch the clock and sit down at the desk you provide for them every day, then liberate them. Give them a choice to work remotely. It might be hard to trust that they’ll work as hard as they do now when there’s nobody watching, but research has shown that they will work more efficiently Why? It’s simple - the more efficient they are, the faster they can stop working and do what they want. So, pay them for the work they do, instead of the time they spend filling a chair, and you’ll all be happier!

Great Coffee

In the great scheme of things, commercial coffee machines don't cost that much, but they do produce a lot of great coffee, which is why, if you have a big workplace, you should invest in one. Let your employees have good coffee and not only will they appreciate it, but the caffeine rush may just improve their productivity and enjoyment of the day too!

Concierge Services

Affordable Perks Your Employees Will Love Your For

If you want your employees to put their all into their work and think that you’re a great boss, offering them the perk of basic concierge services, like having someone help them with their paperwork, washing their cars or even helping to pick up a few essentials from the local shop for them won’t cost you very much, but it will make a huge difference to them.

Staff Discounts

This one is really basic, but employers who don’t offer generous discounts to their loyal staff can seem mean. If you want your employees to love you and always do the best work they can do, then giving them at least a 50 percent discount isn't too much to ask for now, is it?

Pay for Parties

Whenever there’s an occasion that requires a party, whether it’s Christmas or the retirement of a long-serving employee, not only should you be paying for the venue and the food, but you should be picking up the alcohol tab too, if you want your employees to be on your side, that is.

Do one or more of these things (preferably more), and you’ll have your employees eating out of the palm of your hand, and your business will get better - trust me on that!