Can You Still Have Fun on an Old Smartphone?

Smartphone technology advances at such a fast rate that your smartphone from a year ago can seem old when compared to the latest and greatest. Unless, of course, you own an iPhone 7 and you’re comparing it to an iPhone 8. However, as much as we love to have the latest technology, smartphones are simply too expensive to upgrade every year. It costs us a lot of money to use the phone, and we also need to pay for the price of the phone as well. As a result, we may be stuck with old phones, especially if it does everything we need it to.

You don’t need a new smartphone to take calls, record audio, snap a few quick pictures or even access your emails. But what if you want to have some fun? What if you want to play some smartphone games in your spare time? Fear not, because even if you have an old smartphone, there is plenty of fun to be had so that you can make boring commutes fun again. Here are some of the top picks for enjoying yourself on an older smartphone.

Image: Pexels

Play Mobile Games

You won’t be able to play the latest 3D mobile games, but there are plenty of mobile games that are 2D and don’t require a powerful smartphone to run. All it takes is a quick browse on your device’s app store and you’ll find thousands of games that your phone can run. If you have an older device, both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store will tell you if your device is capable or not of running a specific game. If you have an old phone that can’t run 3D games, simply avoid anything that looks 3D and focus on 2D games that look colourful and have plenty of fun features and good reviews.

If you’re after a more mature gaming experience, then check New Casinos Online for adult-oriented gaming. Many of the sites on the website can be played on a phone, so it’s convenient and can give you a burst of fun whenever you need it.

Listen to AudioBooks

You don’t need a powerful phone to listen to an audiobook. If your phone can play music, then your phone can play an audiobook. It’s not just for fun and games either; many audiobooks are focused on non-fictional themes as well, and you can even learn new skills through an audiobook if you’re not interested in stories or facts. Audiobooks are perfect for commutes because you don’t need to fiddle with your phone, and they help conserve your battery too.

Read a Book

Finally, you can also use your phone as an eReader to read the latest news, magazines and even novels from your favourite authors. It beats carrying around a hefty book, and if you already have a dedicated eReader, then using your phone means you’re carrying one less device around. If you find the screen too small, then remember you can zoom in and out.