Be Bold With Your Business Office Interior

Be Bold With Your Business Office Interior

Image Credit: Pexels

When clients visit your office, you want to them to leave the with sense that you are a dynamic modern company. Right? It might sound like a cliché, but if your offices are drab they aren’t going to inspire much creativity. 

This doesn’t mean you have to turn your office space into a giant adult ball pool to make it more fun but there are a few things that could quickly turn your space into an amazing working environment. And that doesn’t mean just adding a couple of indoor plants...

Quick Fix Lighting

How a space is lit makes a huge difference to how it is used and how it feels. Strip lights are always going to feel a bit stark but they aren’t your only option. Open up the blinds for plenty of natural light and give your staff desk lights too. For a quirky office space, experiment with novelty lights such as cinema boards with changeable lettering and fairy lights draped around shelves. Lighting like this is a really good quick fix for a boring office that won’t cost too much to achieve.

Create Different Areas

The standard open plan office space has a meeting room at one end, the director’s office at the other and then desks in rows in between. But what about getting a bit more creative? Try breaking up your open plan space into numerous smaller areas with multiple uses. You might have one area that is dedicated to a squishy sofa complete with blankets and cushions, you could put a picnic bench in for smaller meetings or you could design a creative space for thinking up new ideas. Change up the colour schemes, furniture and layout for different modes of thinking.

Radical Change

If you own your premises or have an understanding landlord, your could consider making some more structural changes to really improve your working space. Adding windows, knocking through walls and ripping out the furniture is a bold move but it will get you exactly what you want. An interior designer and architect will be a great help here. Ask them to visit your building and then draw up new designs to help you to visualise the changes and how they will benefit your staff and impress your clients too. 

Go Green

It’s a fashionable move for lots of businesses to go green and there are lots of reasons you really should. There are several ways to make your office itself greener such as using air vents instead of air conditioning or adding solar panels to the roof to generate electricity. Consider the costs and benefits of any green changes you make first but definitely give it your full consideration as a long term investment opportunity.

If you want your colleagues to be inspired at work and your clients to be impressed by your business, a bold interior will give you a good opening gambit. The more interesting your office is, the more likely people are to talk about you and your business. And, if you are going to spend most of your career in one room, it has to be an awesome room!