Avoid Falling Into These SEO Traps

Avoid Falling Into These SEO Traps

SEO is one of those terms in digital marketing that many who are novices in the industry get a little intimidated by. Search. Engine. Optimisation. There, we said it. It sounds very complicated and incredibly scary, but it’s actually a simple concept if you break it down into what it really means. The point of SEO is to increase your website ranking on a search engine. So that when you search for a word in Google, it is your website which shows up on the first page. Simple, Right?

It’s all about creating the best keywords and keyword phrases, and peppering your content and website code with them. If you don’t want to delve into the world of SEO yourself, you can hire a company like ma-design.biz to help you out; but if you do, just make sure that you don’t make these mistakes.

Thin Slicing

Many sites have the issue of creating multiple pages which are very similar to each other, and only created so that they can both benefit from ranking higher on the search engine. The issue with this is that it makes your website seem messy and unprofessional. You can learn more about thin slicing and the risks here: https://www.webpagefx.com/blog/seo/thin-content/

Lack Of Value Content

Every company wants to stand out from its competitors, the only problem with this is that creating content which is totally unique in a large market is very difficult. If you cannot come up with original and quality content that adds value to your website, then don’t add it at all

Poor User Experience

The biggest issue with websites is slow loading speed and poor navigation. It can be difficult sometimes to optimise your website for both desktop and mobile use, and considering most users are on mobile devices, you need to up your games. A simple search with your site on Pagespeed Insights will flag up any issues you have with the loading of your site, the content and even any broken links. Ideally you want to score 100 on the test to be seen as a well-functioning website. Issues such as large images and font can cause your landing page to load much slower and reduce your user experience. To combat this, you may want to use a different font, and compress your images to optimise them for the web.

Very Commercialized

As a brand, you might struggle to find that balance between selling your product or service, and giving value to your audience. If you have a site with offers everywhere in site and not a single paragraph of text, you won’t gain the same engagement as a brand who uses a blog to add quality content to their audience. Consider cutting back on the sales technique and focussing more on building a relationship with your followers.

Affiliate Sites

Being an affiliate is nothing to be ashamed of, but if your site only features affiliate content and nothing else, you will lose the interest of your followers and you won’t gain much traffic through search engines. If you can mix and match your affiliate links with quality content and opinions, you will make a bigger impact and will rank higher