5 web design trends to try in 2017

In the fast-moving digital world, having the ability to adapt to new trends is absolutely vital. Today’s cutting edge sites can quickly become dated, leaving visitors logging off. In order to stay relevant, regular updates and performance optimisations to boost user experience are a necessary investment. Design innovations quickly become just hygiene factors as audiences expect innovations they encounter elsewhere in the digital landscape. Here are five top trends to watch for 2017:

Auto play videos with sound

Thanks to platforms like Facebook embracing the trend, video is very much a macro trend this year. As quality improves and Wi-Fi becomes ubiquitous, mini movie masterpieces are defining the web at the moment. Users are increasingly expecting an almost cinematic experience, but remember to include easy options to stop play and especially to turn the sound off if you don't want to see your homepage bounce rate go through the roof.

360 experience

With Google Glasses and Oculus Rift seeping into the mainstream, there's been a lot of investment in virtual reality, especially through mobile sites. As viewing devices become more affordable, so websites will need to embrace VR to create a more immersive experience for their audiences. This can be highly effective as long as you consider alternative options for those who aren't VR enabled.

Back to basics

Stripped back homepages that clear all the clutter in favour of an ultra minimalist approach have been leading the way this year. Bold, full screen images with a leading word or phrase look powerfully modern right now. This can work amazingly well when paired with the video approach, and give a site real stand-out value. The best approaches combine a hero image at the top with plenty of SEO packed content below the fold. Make sure there is enough content and solid navigation to draw people into the rest of the site, and this can be an inspiring approach.Some web design professionals will offer a free audit of your website to identify exactly how a design like this could work for your business, like Darren Langley Web Designer.

Throwback design

Taking a retro approach is a popular move right now and for the right site, it can be a winning strategy. Design elements such as retro lettering, 80s style pixelation and vintage looking game all appeal right now. Combining the best of modern design with a feelgood, throwback appearance is taking over the web.

Even more modules

A module approach to design is a slow burner that's gaining rapidly on the charts. As tablets and mobile are now the main share of our browsing experience, linear stacked designs that make it easy to navigate are supremely functional. The block and grid approach shows no sign of slowing down.

Plenty more trends in web design are emerging all the time, so make sure you stay up to date to keep visitors coming back, increasing dwell time and upping their interactions on your site. Google Trends is a great place to look for more information on the wider patterns that filter through to web design and shape the virtual world around us.