If You Aren't Using These Strategies Your SEO Will Be Suffering

If You Aren't Using These Strategies Your SEO Will Be Suffering

Unless you are my grandmother, then you probably know full well that the world has gone absolutely nuts for all things digital, especially when it comes to marketing. There is absolutely no disputing that online marketing wears the crown and the big, fat, shiny jewel that sits in the centre is SEO (Granny, if you are reading this, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is… oh, never mind).

The reason why a great SEO strategy is so celebrated and so important is that is because this is what will help your website get unearthed on the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo and, by unearthed, we mean found at the top of page one, right where you want to be. However, this is no easy feat because reaching this dream spot on Google means overcoming a lot of competition, while also figuring out how to navigate the complex algorithms of each search engine.

However, the thing to remember on this front is this: search engines love good-quality content that offers the user a great experience. Keep that in your mind at all times and you will find yourself quickly climbing the ranks of Google. That is if your strategies are right.

So, without further ado, here are the best strategies to use; strategies that have been proven to start well and become even more effective as time goes on.

Keywords Be Crucial

Ask any SEO expert and they will tell you that keywords make up the backbone of SEO strategies. How? Simple. These words and phrases attract the attention of search engines like Google in the same way the North pole attracts the attention of a compass. Basically, if you have the right keywords in your website content then you will see the motorways open up and an increased amount of traffic start to head your way. The trick here is creativity. That is because you will want to use keywords and phrases that attract your target audience - those that are going to spend money and do business with you.

If You Aren't Using These Strategies Your SEO Will Be Suffering

Lovely Bit Of Link Building
If you are looking for variables that can have a lot of influence when it comes to where you rank, backlinks from quality websites is a great way to go. This is because having links included on websites that command a high authority is a great way of verifying your content as informative, trusted and of a high quality. Basically, when search engines do their crawling and start to figure out their rankings, backlinks make them seriously consider you to be the top dog. Of course, you may want to look at some link building tips because getting backlinks is easier said than done. One thing is for sure, try and avoid purchasing any links or getting involved with any ‘black hat’ techniques for the simple reason these can seriously harm your validity and scupper your rankings in the long run. That is why it is well-worth putting in the time and effort to get your links in high authority websites, whether that be through guest posts, campaigning or just a little bit of clever PR.

Mobile Is A Must
If we were to highlight one major shift on this front it would be the priority standing that mobile viewing has been given by search engines. This is because more and more people surf the internet on their phones and tablets. So, if your website isn’t already mobile friendly, then that needs to be an immediate priority of yours. Not just because search engines like it but because mobile viewing has overtaken both desktop and laptop viewing and it isn’t going to slow down either. Reading blogs, shopping, browsing, watching videos - it is all done on phones. So, make sure your website is responsive (adjusts to different size screens), restructures itself so that navigating your website is easy, loads at the speed of light and, most of all, looks great.

Importance Of Internal Linking
This is just as important to your ranking as backlinking is. The way it works is by linking your different content together as a means of better distributing the traffic that comes your way. The other great use of internal linking is that it encourages search engines to check out the depth of information available on your website. To put it to you bluntly, anyone reading your content or browsing your website is going to have much more access to your other content and blogs and know what is relevant, while search engines will praise you for making all of this possible. It is the dream.

Content Will Always Be King
The only reason why people and search engines will visit your website in the first place is if you have content that is of value to them. People don’t have the patience to read waffle; they just want content that will help them answer a question, educate them or relate to them. So study your target audience wisely, find out what interests them and then tailor your content around this need. The good news is, there are content template tools out there that can help you with creating content that will boost your SEO. Another thing to understand is that long-form content will always be looked at favourably too. No one really knows what the ideal word count is, but the longer the better. It is also worth shaking it up with some different content types, ranging from videos to infographics as well as words. Like we said, content is king, so long as you write engaging content that offers value, make it deep and insightful and offer it up in a variety of formats. Google will love you for doing this.

Once you have decided on what you are going to include in your SEO strategy, it is then a matter of making sure you keep an eye on what works and what needs tweaking. It could be keywords or content length; you won’t know unless you analyse it. So do yourself a favour and make sure everything is working in your favour.