Digital Marketing Strategy 101: Back To Basics


We’re huge fans of old school marketing techniques, especially those that have been brought into the twenty-first century, like branded Bluetooth speakers and that sort of stuff. However, if you are serious about getting your brand out there, you need to focus most of your energy on improving your digital marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a blog that you maybe hope blows up, or you have products to sell or a business that is lacking the level of customers you would like, having a tip top digital marketing strategy is absolutely key. Unfortunately, though, this is no easy feat. It requires careful consideration, a lot of planning, constant work and wrapping your head around all the different variables that affect success.

With that said, here are the most important factors that you need to focus on:


Know Your Audience Like The Back of Your Hand

If you haven’t got a clue about what your customers like, search for or spend your money on then your chances of getting them to your website are slimmer than your chances of winning the lottery. Knowing your demographic and how they operate, however, will help you tailor your marketing strategy so that you get in front of the right people. This means knowing what they search for, what keywords are most effective and what content attracts them most.

Getting Your Brand In Front Of Their Eyes

Trying to find the right customers can be harder than you think. Most people have the right idea in going to social media, but they don’t have the execution to make their efforts count. Having a profile on Facebook is not enough, it is knowing how to navigate this space effectively and which other platforms to pair your efforts with. So, know your business, and know which platforms have the strengths that suit you. If you have a visual product, then Pinterest and Instagram are likely going to be most effective. If you have a service, however, then a LinkedIn will be able to offer you more.

Understand What Is Really Meant By SEO

If the term search engine optimisation makes your chest go tight as your gut does loop the loops, then your best bet is to hire an affordable agency, like WebsitePromoter, to manage this side of things for you. You may know that it helps boost your visibility on Google, but if you don’t know how it works then you’ll only be wasting time, money and resource. It is about creating great content that people will want to read, creating a strong linking structure, updating your content regularly, knowing what keywords to use and where to drop them in and do all you can to have Google crawl your site more regularly.

Analysis Is Your Best Friend

Unlike any offline strategies that you may be using, where the digital sphere really excels is in its transparency, allowing you to thoroughly scrutinize the data available, which will show you the results of your efforts and where you can improve. You can see what content is working, what landing pages are getting hit most, and how much time people are spending on your side before leaving or making a purchase, all of which is immensely important to your success online.