Why Does Your Business Need A Coding Expert?

When running a business you need to come up with lists all the time. In fact, there’s one main list that’s ongoing throughout the life of your company; essential/non-essential. This is a pretty straightforward list where you separate things into one of the two categories. Either something is essential for the smooth operating of your business, or it isn’t.

Normally, this list is used to determine where you should spend your money. Is it essential to keep your marketing strategy up to date? Yes, so some of your money goes there. Is it essential to move to a new office? No, not if things are fine as they are, so you don’t need to create another expense. Is it essential that your business has a coding expert on your team? Yes, yes it is.

This may seem strange to you as you don’t understand why a coding expert is so essential. However, they’re simply one of the most valuable employees your business can have. You don’t need to hire them full-time, but you do need to have access to a freelance coder or developer at a moment's notice.

Why? Allow me to explain…

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Businesses Are Run By Software
They Can Build Things

No matter what business you own, it will be dominated by software. You’ll use software on your computer, software on your phone, software on a tablet, etc. You use applications to manage your books and sort your finances, software to manage the human resources side of things, and so on and so forth.

The simple fact is, you can’t run a business without using software and applications nowadays. As a consequence, there will be times where these things have problems and cause you lots of issues. More often than not, the underlying cause of the problems lies in the coding. In this scenario, you need someone on your team to diagnose the issues and work through them. There are so many complex coding problems that might occur. As a business owner, you can’t take the time out of your day with things like understanding async await performance or accessing file logs. In fact, you probably have no idea what any of that means because you’re not a coder and have never developed software before.

On the other hand, someone with coding expertise will know what this means. They’ll be able to dive deep into the coding of your software and look at issues to help you fix them and get on with your day. Not only that, but they can help with website coding too. They can monitor your site and help you maintain it with their knowledge of web coding. They’re iron out any creases that might cause users problems when they’re on your site too.

Another big reason every business needs a coding expert is that coders can build things. They can build websites, software, mobile apps; you name it. This puts your business in a very commanding position. They can build you a fast and functional website that engages audiences and gives you an online platform. Or, they can build software that makes the daily running of your business a lot easier than it used to be. Or, they can develop an app for marketing purposes or that you can earn money on by getting people to download it.

The bottom line is, a coding expert can bring lots of new options to your business. They can build things that push you in the right direction. Not only that, but they also build things that make your company relevant in the modern age. These days, it’s criminal if you don’t have a website, and almost every company has an app. Plus, if you revert back to the first point, they’re on-hand to deal with any problems that might occur too!

If you were running a business ten or fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t put a coding expert on your list of essentials. They weren’t essential back then because the world worked differently. These days, you can’t work around the fact that software and apps are everywhere, and they’re all built using coding. Like I said at the start, this doesn’t mean you need to hire them full-time and give them their own room in your office. No, you can hire freelance developers and coding experts to work when you need them.  

If you want to keep your company as productive as possible, and move it in the right direction, you need someone that has a good grasp of coding to help you out.