The Tesla Model S Is Every Tech Geeks Dream Come True

Tesla is the car of the future in the eyes of many. It is the brand that will turn the automotive car into affordable full-electric vehicles rather than rely on fossil fuels or hybrid cars. For those of you who love technology, the Tesla Model S, in particular, is your dream car. It is ahead of the curve when compared to other brands.

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The Tesla Model S Is Every Tech Geeks Dream Come True - Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash
Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash

The technology that powers it

Obviously, the Tesla Model S isn’t powered by an engine, but instead, it has an electric motor on the rear wheels as standard. The entry-level model is the 60kWh model that delivers 240 miles of range on a full charge. This motor also brings 302 bhp and acceleration to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds.

There is a second model, still with only one motor, but with a more powerful battery pack. The 85 kWh model offers 312 miles range on a full charge. It produces 362 bhp, which it can put down on the road immediately with a dash to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds.

Then there is the P100D model that comes with dual-motors, one on the front and rear wheels, turning it into a four-wheel drive car. Having a motor on both the front and the back wheels means this model zips from 0-60 mph in an unbelievable 2.5 seconds. I could repeat that, but it won’t make it any more believable for you. Those two motors combined produce 611 bhp, and it is estimated to deliver 340 miles on a full charge.

Without having a heavy engine block in the Tesla, it is far lighter than most other cars. Also having electric motors powering the wheels means the bhp is delivered straight to the road, which is why any Tesla model has a mind-bogglingly impressive acceleration time.

Inside the tech-filled cabin

You would imagine that a brand aiming to change the world of cars forever would have a futuristic interior. Your bet would be correct. The centre console is a huge 17-inch touchscreen that controls the car’s functions and is so easy to use. Thanks to that screen controlling the central interface, it removes all those fiddly buttons dominating other car’s dashboards.

The battery packs in the Model S do not affect the space in the cabin because Tesla arranged them on a large flat slab in the car, which means the interior of the car is spacious for even the tallest adult.

The interior also comes with a Bio-weapon Defence Mode. The Defence Mode works through a medical grade HEPA air filtration system, which removes 99.97% of particulate exhaust pollution thrown up by other vehicles and removes all allergens, bacteria and contaminants from the cabin. You will be driving in a sterilised cabin, ensuring you breathe the freshest of air.

The Autopilot system

Tesla has long been fascinated with the idea of automated cars, and they have delivered a partial victory with their Autopilot system. All Tesla models will now have the Autopilot system as standard.

The system works through an Advanced Sensor Coverage, including eight surround cameras providing 360 degrees of visibility. They do this for a range of up to 250 metres. Alongside those eight cameras, there are twelve ultrasonic sensors, detecting for both hard and soft objects around the car to ensure you don’t collide with anything. There is a forward-facing radar with enhanced processing on a redundant wavelength ensuring the car can see through heavy rain, dust, fog and other cars ahead.

The Autopilot system allows your car to match the speed conditions of the surrounding traffic, keep lane discipline and change lanes for you when necessary. It can self-park and be summoned from your garage, and it does all of this without the input of the driver. It can drive for you on just about any road or motorway without you needing to be concerned.

It has the following safety features as standard in the Autopilot system. It will automatically emergency brake when necessary as well as having both a front and side collision warning system. On those nights, it also has automatic high beams that will adjust from high to low when necessary.