Mega Marketing Platforms With The Best ROI

An effective marketing plan is the key to success. With this in mind, there is one factor which matters more than most. The feature this refers to, of course, is the return on your investment. By increasing your marketing investment and maintaining it over a long period, success is inevitable. At the very least, the odds of an accomplishment are higher than normal. To ensure your business benefits, it is essential to find the platform with the best ROI. Here, then, are the ones to consider and why.

Mega Marketing Platforms With The Best ROI

Email Marketing

You might not realise that email marketing is one of the biggest hitters statistically in the industry. According to Small Insights, 90% of businesses think it is integral to the company. More than 66% of firms also listed it as their biggest earner regarding marketing, which is impressive. So, the question is why? Well, the majority of email marketing platforms are cheap regarding time and money. Although it can take time to build up a contact list, the expense of sending it out is minimal. Also, emails are less intrusive, which is why customers read or respond back.

Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the world of Facebook, Twitter, and Co. Over the years, social media has taken over the industry, and marketing in particular. For instance, 13% of businesses think that Twitter is the best medium with regards to ROI. Although this appears small compared to email marketing, Twitter is one platform. With Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, the number will quadruple. Even if the number is not quantifiable, there are other factors to consider. Customers are modern people, and they want contemporary avenues to converse, complain, or inquire. A simple lack of social media widgets is bound to hit your reputation hard, even if it is difficult to quantify.

SEO And Content Marketing

Every business should know that SEO stands for search engine optimisation. If there is one platform which is effective, it is SEO. The reason is simple: Google. You might not be aware, but Google was the cause of a 40% drop in traffic back in 2013. After their services went down, nearly half of users on the Web went offline. At the minute, this search engine is the king of SEO thanks to its algorithm and constant updates, such as Fred. By getting on board, it is possible to get a slice of the action as 91% of Google searchers don’t go past the first page. Seeing as Google has 87% of the mobile market, there aren’t many better ways to advertise.


PPC isn’t as popular as the methods above. Indeed, since 2004, the volume of pay-per-click searches has decreased by 88%. That’s a huge hit. However, it is not dead, not yet. As Power Traffic shows, the top 3 paid spots on a website get 44% of the traffic. Plus, businesses can look to double their investment through PPC as a loose rule. Most tellingly, PPC is still alive and kicking because it has 53% of clicks on mobile devices. As mobile marketing is the young pretender to the crowd, it is going to be around for awhile.

Once you choose the platform, the key is to come up with a killer strategy. Just implementing one of the above into your company won’t work.