Keeping Your High Street Store Alive In The Face Of Online Competition

Keeping Your High Street Store Alive In The Face Of Online Competition

We have given you loads of great advice about managing your business online, but there are those of you who will also have a presence on the local high street. As many physical stores are closing down because of the popularity of online retailers, you will need to find ways to stay ahead of the virtual competition. Online shopping may be convenient, but you can still win over customers to your store.

These are the steps you need to take.

Window dressing

You may be selling a great product on the inside, but if the outside of your store is unattractive, you are unlikely to bring in many customers. Therefore, focus on the external appearance. Give the outside a fresh lick of paint, preferably with vibrant, eye-catching colors. Use a
signage design company to highlight your store name with large, bold letters, and use a graphic design company to create an interesting logo that is associated with your product.

Then focus on your window display. Don’t clutter the space in an effort to showcase every product your store sells. Instead, pick a colour scheme, and display specific products. You want to make a visual impact to give the customer a taste of what you are offering before they come through the door. Remember: first impressions count when it comes to business.

Customer service

There is one thing online retailers can’t provide, and that is face to face customer service. With a pleasant smile and a little conversation, you can make a person’s day in the way you serve them. Be helpful, and listen to what they need. You will be an expert in your field, so people will be glad to listen to the advice you can give them.

Many stores offer a loyalty service, and this is something you should consider. Customers like to be rewarded, so give regular customers a discount to ensure they return to your store. Having a loyalty card in their pocket is another great reminder that you exist when they next contemplate making a purchase.

The other thing you can offer, that online retailers can’t, is a hands-on approach with your product. The customer may have seen something they liked online, but they may be unsure about making the purchase. Should you sell something similar, they can see the product close-up and may prefer to buy from you instead.

Have an online presence

You may not sell your product online, but having a presence on the internet is still a great way to attract customers to your store. You might showcase your products on Instagram, for example, or keep in touch with customers through Facebook. Let them know about special offers, and keep them up to date with the latest products you are selling.

Finally, you might consider selling online as well as from your store. To stand up to online giants such as Amazon, there is no harm in staying relevant, and having another way to sell your product. Should the unthinkable happen, and your physical store is forced to close down, at least you have an alternative way to stay in business.