Is Your Office Putting Off Clients?

When a prospective client visits your office, they’re making judgements about your company as soon as they walk through the door. They won’t even realize that they’re doing it but the state of your office space will create preconceptions about the state of your company as a whole. If it’s dirty and unorganised, they’ll think that your business is too. If it’s chaotic, it gives the impression that you can’t manage employees properly. These are all things that are going to put them off working with you, regardless of how impressive your pitch is. Another thing that clients are wary of is companies that can’t keep up with the times. The business world is constantly evolving and if you can’t match your rivals, your customers will go elsewhere. That’s why it’s vital that your office looks modern. If you think that your office needs a bit of a modern facelift, check out these tips.

Is Your Office Putting Off Clients?

Metal Instead Of Wood

Sleek metal furnishings are incredibly stylish and modern looking, whereas lots of wooden furniture can look outdated. Swapping out your hefty wooden tables with ones made from mild steel metal sheets, the office will instantly look newer. You can change lots of those outdated wooden pieces of furniture for metal surfaces instead. It also reflects natural light and makes the office look brighter. A dingy office is counterproductive so this also benefits the day to day operation of the office. But you do need to be careful that you don’t go overboard. Keep some wooden fixtures in there for a bit of balance otherwise, the office will end up looking like a spaceship from a sci-fi movie.

Multi-Functional Space

Multi-functional is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. Out there office designs are all the rage and one of the main aspects of them tend to be communal spaces that are adaptable. They can be used for meetings, group work, solitary work and whatever else employees need them for. If a client walks through your new office and sees a communal space that looks like something out of the Google headquarters, they’ll immediately see you as a forward thinking company that pushes boundaries rather than an old company that’s stuck in the past.

Black And White

Simplicity is the key to the modern office design. Packing it full of color and overcrowding it will ruin the aesthetic. Going completely black and white is one way to make it look incredibly up to date, and your employees can inject a bit of color on their own desks if they want to. When you’re picking your colors, use the black in small areas to accent the white, otherwise, the whole place will look dingy.

Natural Light

Loads of bright neon lighting will make your office look like a seventies throwback. If you want a modern, airy space, you need to make use of the natural light. Put the windows in places that get the most light in, and build the furniture layout around the natural light.

If you create a brilliant modern office, clients will get a good impression within seconds of walking in.