Insidious Tech Misconceptions That Are Affecting Your Business

In the effort to run a forward thinking and modern business, a shrewd, modern startup or small business leader is likely to implement as much technology as they can in their business. To this end, they are likely to implement all of the best IT solutions they can afford, in order to use cloud based intercommunication systems as well as social media pages to keep the company public and exposed.

Unfortunately however, you can be sure that these technological implementations aren’t simply enough to guarantee you success on their own. What matters is how you engage with them and keep them relevant regarding the daily functioning of your business. In order to make the most of your IT strategies, you’ll need to be aware of how to avoid the commonly made mistakes and misconceptions that could hinder your progress in your forward thinking pursuits.

Social Media Gathers Exposure On It’s Own

Even though social media websites have become adept at recommending the end user content they might find relevant, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the consumer will find your pages organically. Sometimes, a little creative and forceful marketing drive will help in building your online audience. Make sure to tastefully place your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles on the marketing promotional material you have, or even embedded on the products you sell.

If you desire, you can also purchase into Google’s Adsense, which recommends content to the end user by collating their tastes collected in their advertising ID and exposing relevant businesses or products to them. This does have a cost of entry, but it can be intrinsically worth it. Because social media posts are infinitely and exponentially sharable, making sure you get this part of your online presence correct is of the utmost importance.

Location Doesn’t Matter Online

While the days of bricks and mortar stores are slowly dwindling in favour of online deliveries and marketplaces, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are guaranteed an international or even fully national audience. Geolocations are a thing and are ascribed by your IP address or area that your business is registered to. If you are selling your products out of a select city, it’s likely that your advertising efforts are only being targeted in areas near to you, even if you have the capacity for long-distance delivery.

Simply being on the internet doesn’t guarantee worldwide reach. One of the better ways to get around this, especially if using refined marketing methods such as search engine optimization, is to set up virtual offices for local SEO compatibility. This will allow your targeted marketing to actually have an effect in the areas you want to. This will  also allow you to take advantage of certain regional trends. For example, if you’re selling fancy dress outfits and some form of annual carnival is taking place in a nearby city, you can see how optimizing your exposure in this area could net you useful profit and customer growth.

Avoiding these two issues will give you the best and most stable ground to proceed and draw new consumers in to the wonderful work your small business does.