Hot Tips To Green Your Businesses And Save Money

Hot Tips To Green Your Businesses And Save Money

Going green can seem like a lot of hassle for a company. After all, what is wrong with the way you are operating now? Well, the answer is it is harming the environment and everyone has a duty to save the planet. If that isn’t enough to make you think twice, this will: going green saves businesses a small fortune. One study suggests there is $15 billion to save by reducing your energy consumption, while UCLA found employees to be 16% more productive. Add to that the fact that government subsidies are available and it’s a no-brainer. So, if you have had a sudden change of heart, here are a few tips which will help.

Make Employees Work From Home

In the past, employers used to think of working from home as slacking off. However, even if there is an element of unproductiveness, it doesn’t outweigh the potential savings. In overhead terms, there is no need to light or warm a building with fewer employees working in the office. Plus, there is no reason to splash out on big offices in the first place because space is not a necessity. Considering the average business spends £20,000 a year on rent, it is an option worth bearing in mind.

Lose The Paper

Experts say rainforests could be extinct in one-hundred years because of printing paper. To fuel the need to print, one and a half acres of forest is cut down per second. Plus, printing tends to be the third highest business expense, so there it is expensive, too. The good news is that technology has caught up and provides an elegant and simple solution. To begin with, there is practice management software which allows you to manage documents and store them online. Also, there is cloud computing which acts as a digital storage unit.

Use Email

The benefits of an email platform are wide-ranging. Firstly, it is cheap and doesn’t cost a penny. Secondly, it arrives almost instantly so as not to impede communications. And, it is a fantastic tool to use for marketing purposes. One advantage which you might forget about is the impact on the environment. Corresponding with clients, customers and even employees can involve sending letters and parcels. With an email, the planet doesn’t have to suffer because it arrives electronically. Oh, and don’t forget about the cuts you can make to delivery and paper services.

Video Call Technology

A successful business will schedule meetings on a weekly basis. Although they result in lead generation, the costs of a meeting are high. For example, there is the cost of printing out paper guidelines for the benefit of the customer or client. Or, there is the price of travelling to the meeting place. If you have a company car, there is also the price of gas. Quite simply, video calling negates these costs as you can conduct a meeting remotely. Also, the tech will cut down on the firm’s carbon footprint in the process.

With this advice, there is no excuse not to green your company.