What Accessories Do You Need For Your Laptop?

A laptop is a supremely powerful device - from those mega Alienware gaming devices to the simple Chromebooks, there's some serious power in a small case these days to suit a range of needs and purposes. Powerful as they may be, you can expand their purpose with a range of accessories dedicating to supporting or improving its performance. What accessories do you need for your laptop? It depends. It depends on what you want to do with your laptop!

Firstly, let's consider the basics. You're going to need a backup charger. Being caught short when your charger fails isn't good - and it means you won't get any use out of your laptop until you get a replacement. Skip the step and pick up a backup, and keep it in your pack.  A site like http://m-suite.co.uk/ has a wide range of chargers- for Mac devices at good prices, but if you're a Windows user you should tackle this issue as well. You can also pick up expanded and replacement batteries for a laptop.

We also want protection. A laptop costs a bunch of money so we want to protect it from knicks, bumps and dents - but also viruses. Getting some anti-virus software can be a life saver and keep your laptop running without your user experience becoming compromised by hackers and viruses. In terms of physical protection, a plastic or padded case should be good enough as long as you're a careful user. When you've got a laptop, don't chuck it around willy nilly - accessories can save the day, but it won't help if you're not a responsible owner. Laptop are portable, so keep them safe during transit. Also - consider a laptop lock if you’re out and about, you can never be too safe.

If you're a constant worker - you could benefit from a laptop stand that elevates the angle of your laptop and allows for a better typing experience. It also allows your laptop to cool off better, allowing for ventilation under the device as well as through the usual fan placement. It can be a cheap investment, but one that can help your productivity. There's just something about working on a stand! This Bamboo Laptop Desk also allows you to work and watch in bed - it's got those fan spaces as well for ventilation. As for cooling - a dedicated cooling platform can be a big help for laptops that are overworked.

If you’re in a certain line of work - namely creative, you might consider storage. External hard drives are incredible and can add terabyte upon terabyte of space to your computer - which is useful for storing files and allowing your laptop to breathe a bit. You might also consider microphones like the Blue Snowball if you’re working with audio as well - it’s a great podcasting mic if you cannot afford the Yeti. A good set of speakers is a must - considering the lacklustre quality of speakers within many laptops. These could be wireless, or wired - but both will provide a better listening experience.