Creating An App? Stay On Top Of Modern Trends

Creating An App? Stay On Top Of Modern Trends

Owning and operating an app for your business is a great tactical move by any firm. Not only do most people expect their favorite businesses to use these apps to conduct their business with you gracefully, but they will also expect you to give over 100% of your attention to this hub in the first place. “An app is for a lifetime, not just to satisfy a pretty modern trend” is a manufactured adage you would do well to remember as a business owner.

Nothing is worse than a business developing a supplementary app for more exposure only to not support it and otherwise look unprofessional in their outreach. At the very least, you should stay on top of your app development so as to avoid the common pitfalls of having negative reviews on your App or Play store pages, which can make you seem unsightly and out-of-touch to a potential customer.

So you’re convinced that you need to develop an app for your business, and you’re convinced that you need to give it as much attention as you would your main website hub. What next? How do you stay on top of current trends to keep the app relevant, well supported and useful?

Consider the following:

Identify What Function The App Will Fill

What function will the app offer? Will it function as as simple secondary and convenient method to access your product line, or are you hoping to add more features than that to keep its use relevant? These additional uses might include allowing the app to act as a form of security clearance for a customer's profile by utilizing a form of authentication clearance. This can also help with security concerns when calling your support team directly from the app. Try and implement as many original uses for the app that you can think of, to make it truly worth having in the app list of your client’s phones.

Remember, many clients will download apps on their phone only to never utilize them, or utilize them rarely. Try and offset this trend by giving your customer as many reasons as possible to continue repeat uses of your app. You can use this free repetitive exposure to push promotions and other brilliant, free ways of addressing and reminding your consumer about your business wherever they are.

Pay Attention To Your SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Even the most important and best tech businesses need to pay attention to their SDLC life cycle. This process helps identify tasks performed at every stage of the software development timeline. Using a professional SDLC firm will help you analyze what you want, how to achieve that, how to implement it and how to deploy and maintain the software. It is an integral part of forming any new piece of software, and this includes apps too. Great planning is always a must when taking on a project of this magnitude, so be sure you are on top of this entire process with surgical precision. It will allow you to stay responsive and on top with the current modern technological trends.

Pay Attention To Customer Feedback

We mentioned App or Play store reviews earlier. These can make or break the popularity of a firm with its mobile users. If your app fails to make use of the first point in this list, takes up too much file space, or constantly annoys the user with push notifications reminding them about your app, they are likely to complain about it on the store and rate it lowly. This will mean that in aggregate, your app will look unappealing to download, and your traffic will dwindle. Pay attention to customer feedback, and try and amend any bad reviews with a public response apologizing and directing them to your support team, while also detailing any changes you will make as a result of the comments. This can help you firm seem wise, responsible and open minded.

These tips will help you flourish in making an app worth downloading.