Boost Your Workplace Efficiency

Office work can get a little overwhelming, especially if you’re the one running the business! Business efficiency can suffer during these times, which will only exacerbate the problem. Here are a few quick but essential tips that will allow you to improve efficiency in the office.

Employee satisfaction

Managing your employees well is essential if you want to ensure their satisfaction - and, thus, their efficiency - is maximized. You can read all about it here if you need some tips. A satisfied employee works much better than an unsatisfied employee, all other things being equal. Dissatisfaction is related to discomfort and low mood, two things that really affect someone’s ability to work at their best.

Consistent routine

The more efficient you are, the more efficient your employees can be. This is why you need to focus not just on the office as a whole, but also on your own efficiency. One of the best ways to ensure that you remain efficient is to come up with (and stick to!) a consistent routine. Most business owners will be able to keep a schedule day by day, allowing time here and there for tasks that pop up suddenly.

Filing and organization

Disorganization is the enemy of efficiency. Your job probably requires you to create, edit, and refer to a lot of documents. This being the case, it’s essential that everything is kept organized. Spreadsheets and centralized information hubs are some of the best ways of ensuring that everything is kept in its right place. If you’re relying mostly on paper documents, then it might be best to look into digitizing them. Project management software is also essential if you want to ensure that tasks and their related digital materials are kept in one reliable location. Speaking of which…


Business efficiency across the office can be much improved using the right software. We’ve already mentioned project management software; you can get free web-based solutions for this sort of need. But department-specific software should also be considered. Does your accountant have any specific software needs? What about your HR department? You’d be surprised what lines of work have dedicated software that makes the job so much easier.


Yes, office comfort is important for efficiency, so don’t be tempted to ignore ergonomics! The more comfortable your employees are, the less distracted they’ll be. When you’re sitting on something comfortable, you barely even notice it, when keeps your mind on the task. Uncomfortable seats can also cause long-term problems, exacerbating stress and leading to problems relating to a lack of back and hip support.


Distractions in the workplace hamper efficiency like little else. If your office is noisy - either due to the noise of employees or noise bleeding in from the outside, then this needs to be resolved. The office shouldn’t be like a library - a little ambient chatter can actually be helpful - but a lot of casual talk will be very distracting. Distractions can also come in the form of meetings - you may think frequent meetings make business more efficient, but it often does the opposite!