3 Reasons To Always Clear Your Browsing History

When you use a computer browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, all of your activity is logged on the computer and anyone that has access to it, such as your partner, friends or your children, can see it. While you might not have much to hide, there are actually plenty of good reasons why you should always try to clear your browsing history as often as possible.

How to clear browsing history

If you don’t want people snooping on what you get up to when the kids go to bed, then you need to learn how to clear your browsing history. Different browsers handle it differently, but most of the time you need to locate your privacy or security settings and you’ll have an option to clear a few things. Browsing and download history are the two main things you should clear, but clearing out cookies (a way to track your information on a website) and form and search bar data are also recommended to keep your privacy intact. Take a look at this article for a comprehensive list on how to clear your internet browsing history on a number of popular browsers and versions. It’s very easy to do, only takes a few seconds, and can give you a lot of privacy. Without further ado, here are a couple of reasons why you should always clear your browsing history.

Protect your children

First of all, you want to clear your browsing history as a way to protect your children. You could be visiting some websites, like a online casino, that you don’t want your children to discover. They may click it and see it as some kind of game, and if your account is logged in and your information is saved, then they could potentially accidentally start gambling with your money. While we all indulge in guilty pleasures now and then, it’s important to remember that you need to protect your children by hiding them from such activities.

Protect yourself

You also need to clear your browsing history to protect yourself. If a hacker gets access to your computer, they can check your browsing history, your saved passwords and other types of information to access things like your bank account. It’s a good idea to never save your information if you suspect that a hacker has taken over your computer, and you should always clean it regularly by wiping your browsing history so that there’s a reduced chance of it happening.

Protect a surprise

If you’re going to browse things like gifts for your family, then you want to make sure your browsing history is clean so that they don’t suspect you’re buying them something. It can take a lot of research and browsing to find the perfect gift, which can leave a long trail of websites you’ve visited and someone that accesses the computer may be able to find it. Make sure to clean your browsing history if you’re trying to surprise someone with a gift or something special, especially if they use the same computer as you!