Is Working For Yourself The Dream? Tips To Help You Go Freelance

Working freelance can be liberating. No set hours to be working or a dedicated place to be. You are, in a way, your very own boss. Freelancers come in all industry sectors and work opportunities. You may be creative, or be putting your administration skills to good use as a virtual assistant. Perhaps you are a whizz at developing websites or just have a knack for social media and marketing strategy. However, taking that initial plunge to go freelance can be daunting. So I thought I would share with you some tips to help you do it.

Is Working For Yourself The Dream? Tips To Help You Go Freelance

Can you afford to do it right now?

It’s hard to find the right time to take the initial plunge, especially if you find yourself coming away from a basic but consistent pay packet each month. So a good idea would be to give your finances a health check and see if you can manage and afford to go freelance. The idea would be to workout if you can still pay your bills if you didn’t get work in for a month. Of course, this helps if you have put away some savings or have a secondary income into your home to rely on. But, if it seems like it’s a possibility then why wouldn't you take that plunge and create a better quality of life and potentially earn more?

What about all the paperwork and tax?

It isn’t just as simple as becoming a freelancer and then earning money for projects, and that’s the end of it. Even if it is just you, you are your own business, and there will be paperwork and tax implications to consider. This is when you may want to seek some advice and help from accountants who know this field. They tend to have expertise in managing your paperwork and ensuring your tax calculations are right. This will help avoid any nasty bills landing on your doorstep. A good tip though is to always put away a percentage of anything you earn, this helps when the time comes to pay your tax bill.

Is Working For Yourself The Dream? Tips To Help You Go Freelance

How will you obtain work?

It is very daunting at first, and if you haven’t managed to secure a project that was your initial motivation to go freelance, you may be wondering how on earth you are going to obtain work. This is when it may be worth looking at some of your old work contacts and reconnecting. Pick up the phone, send Facebook messages and get the word out. You could also work on social media platforms to ensure that your services are being advertised. Also, freelance websites like people per hour are a great source of one-off jobs and projects you could consider pitching for. These sorts of projects can often lead on to longer term contracts, or even just help build up your income.

There are some great benefits to enjoy when deciding to take yourself out of the work rat race. You instantly gain a better work/life balance as your job is finally on your terms. I hope these tips help you take that plunge.