The Key Questions Busy Bosses Need To Ask Prospective Contractors

Every entrepreneur has an extremely busy life and getting the right work-life balance can be one major juggle! But that doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible. In fact, there could be one very easy solution to improving your balance that is staring you right in the face: hire some contractors.

Sure, hiring contractors will raise your expenses slightly, but any business that is performing well should be able to afford them. And you will be left with a lot more free time on your hands! But are you sure you will be able to find the right contractor to hire? Here are some questions you need to ask all freelancers before you sign on the dotted line!

The Key Questions Busy Bosses Need To Ask Prospective Contractors

Can I See Your Portfolio?

Whether you want to hire an SEO company or an accountant, you should always ask about their previous work and clients. All contractors who create things for their work, such as the SEO company will be able to show you examples of their previous work. When it comes to freelancers like accountants and strategists, you will need to ask for testimonials from their previous clients.

Are You Able To Work To Our Timeline?

Rather than employing a freelancer on a continual basis, most company owners get them on board just for a single project. You should, therefore, as a potential contractor if they will be able to work to your timeline for this particular project. This is especially important if your timeline is very tight. As the majority of freelancers juggle numerous projects, you need to establish that they will be able to cope if they add yours to their current work. If the contractor you speak to can show they have excellent project management skills, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

What Do You Think Is Important When Working Remotely?

When your freelancer answers this question, you need to listen for answers along the lines of “good communication skills” and “accountability”. As you probably won’t be working face-to-face with them, you need to make sure that their communication skills are up to scratch so that they are able to collaborate effectively even though they are working remotely. They should also be prepared to take full accountability for all their work, and not blame any issues on their remote status.

Do You Have Any Questions About This Project Or The Company?

This question is always asked at the end of any interview, whether interviewing full-time employees of freelancers. If the job is a very simple one, then they might not have any further questions, and that is perfectly fine. But it is also good for a potential contractor to ask about the next steps and who else they will be reporting to in the company. The questions they ask you should show that they have an active interest in the project and your company, and will also prove that they are ready to get started on the work.

Make sure you don’t hire anyone before you’ve asked these questions. Otherwise, you can’t quite be sure who you are hiring!