Small Business Branding Blunders You Need To Avoid

The way you approach your branding will have a colossal impact on the way your business’s products or services are received. The things you bring to market might be incredible, but without decent branding, they’re almost certain to fail. If you’re finding it a challenge to build a tangible, sustainable brand for your company, read on to find out more about the common blunders you need to avoid at all costs.

Image from Pexels

A Lack of Consistency Across Different Platforms
Consistency is one of the most important elements in any strong brand. By presenting a consistent identity to your audience, you’ll stimulate a sense of trust and comfort for consumers, and push your company towards building an easily recognisable image. If a company presents itself with a lack of consistency across different platforms, it will simply come off as disjointed, unprofessional, and maybe even untrustworthy. Consistency should always start with coordination of your visual assets, across everything you use to represent your business: web design, social media print materials, and so on. This doesn’t mean simply slapping your logo on everything and then sitting back. You need to come up with a full brand style guide to align your identity in a visual, reproducible way.

Straying Too Far from What You Do Best
If you’re considering a complete overhaul of your brand identity, make sure you’re not straying too far from the things that made your brand distinct and successful in the first place. To ensure future success for your marketing, you need your existing customers to be able to recognise you following the redesign. Yes, it’s important to keep your brand moving with the times. However, if you make any abrupt, sweeping changes, you might alienate the people who made all your past success possible. Even seemingly simple things like redesigning your logo can blow up in your face massively. If you find this hard to believe, just read up on Gap’s infamous logo redesign back in 2010. It would be a huge understatement to say that this was poorly received by the customers! Before you carry out any changes to your brand, spend some time thinking about your business’s core values and image, and keep this at the forefront of your plans during any redesigning.

Using Inaccurate Ad Copy
A tragic number of promising brands fall at the first hurdle, thanks to ad copywriting that’s far too vague, exaggerated, or that simply fails to paint an accurate and distinct picture of the brand. In order to position your brand in a way that really sets you apart from your closest competitors, you can’t keep relying on the buzzwords and jargon that everyone else is putting out there. Pin down one thing about your brand that really makes you unique, and then run with it in all of your ad copy. Just make sure you’re not overstepping the mark. For example, if your product is unique, but not exactly disruptive, don’t say that what you’re offering is going to “revolutionise the industry”.