Scanning Social Media: What Are 3 Things Employers Look For?

There are millions of people who use technology to gain access to social media sites regularly. Some of those people are employers who are screening potential employees in an attempt to find the right candidates for the position. There are plenty of people who may apply for one single position, so having the option of sorting through social media accounts may be convenient for employers. You may ask, “What do employers look for?” There are several things they may look for while completing their social media scans.

  1. Mention of Illegal Activities

Most employers have no interest in hiring people who are involved in illegal activities. They may scan your social media accounts to check for underage drinking, drug usage or anything else that could be deemed illegal in your area. Employers know it is best to avoid those who participate in such activities because that means they could do those illegal things while they are at work, which is never a good thing for business.

  1. Poor Spelling and Grammar on Posts

Your Facebook status is not nearly as important as a college English paper, but writing with good spelling and grammar is still important. There is certainly no need to misspell words on purpose. The way you write online is a representation of you and the education you have received. If you cannot compose a proper sentence online, employers/accounting recruiters may instantly be turned off.

  1. Foul Language

While some employers may not mind your freedom of speech, others may be uninterested in hiring you solely because most of your posts contain foul language. If you know you have a bit of a potty mouth, now may be a good time to monitor your own posts and remove any of those expletives that could look bad on you.

Employers may look for several things on your social media accounts, including any mention of illegal activities, bad spelling and grammar or even foul language. The San Francisco accounting staffing company may be able to provide even more insight on what you should and should definitely not post on social media if your potential employer is going to look at your accounts.