Say 'No' to Being Told No

In life — sometimes unfairly and sometimes quite rightly — we are told no. Sometimes, we do things that make it impossible for people to say yes to us. Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances that are out of our control make it impossible for us to hear the word yes when we ask for it. But just because no is something that you hear a lot of the time, it doesn’t mean you need to stand for it any longer. Say ‘no’ to being told no by taking the advice below.


You should say ‘no’ to being told that just because you’re a parent it means you can’t now do things to better your own life. Say ‘no’ to the idea that the only thing you can do now in life is tend to your little one. Say ‘no’ to the notion that your own life is now done. And start saying ‘yes’ to your own, personal development. Of course, you have to factor in your child at all times. You can’t just give up on tending to their wellbeing completely. You can’t just stop taking them to school just because it interferes with your personal development venture. But just because you have to do these things, it doesn’t mean you can’t work around them. It doesn’t mean, for instance, that you can’t better your own life once your kids have gone to bed. In this very precious and quiet time you can do a whole host of things to better your life, and advances in technology mean you can do so without leaving your home. For instance, you could take to learning a new language by making use of any number of language learning applications out on that particular market today. So, as you can see, your personal life and development need not be over if you are willing to say ‘no’ to anybody that tells you it is.

You should also say ‘no’ to a whole host of other first-world problems too. Whether they are ridiculous problems, or whether they are serious ones, simply say ‘no’. You don’t deserve to have to be afflicted by any problems in your life, no matter who you are or what ‘world’ you live in. If this is a not-so-serious problem, such as having no WiFi, then have your Internet fixed. Or if it is serious problem, like having a bad credit score, then seek homeowner loans for people with poor credit. There are always going to be first-world problems that you are faced with, you just have to be willing to say ‘no’ to accepting them. Always remember, there are always ways to fix things, so don’t accept them if they are broke.

Saying ‘no’ to being told no is something you simply have to do if you want to succeed in life. Being told that you can’t develop your own life when you are a parent is something you shouldn’t accept by going ahead and bettering your life anyway. Bad WiFi connection, or any other trivial problem that is bothering you, is something that you shouldn’t accept by having them fixed. And having a bad credit score, and being told no by borrowers and lenders, is something you shouldn’t accept by finding a borrower that will help you. The point is, there always ways to fix problems. You just have to be confident enough to not accept them and tell them ‘no’.