Keeping Yourself Safe In The Digital Age

One of the things we need to feel to live a good and positive life is safety. It's basic really. If we're fed, watered, well-rested and warm - that's one thing, but if we're not safe, are our needs truly being met at all? In a word, no. Safety is a basic requirement, while we don't need it to survive, we certainly need it to function and live a happy life. If safety doesn't affect us physically, it certainly affects our state of mind. We can worry, we can get scared, and we can live in fear if our safety needs are not met. What do we need to be kept safe from to feel good and happy in our lives though? Well - it could be a number of things, and it will vary from person to person. Safety in it's most basic description will mean shelter from the outside world - in reference to the weather be it the wind, rain, a storm or the scorching sun. Most of us are lucky to be safe from that by default, though. Then there's safety from other people - but again, most of us will be safe from that by default. We spoke about how safety can affect us both physically and mentally, but what about how safety can affect us digitally?

Yes - digitally. Most of us have a presence that is almost physical in nature on the internet. We have Facebook profiles, we have Twitter pages - we might even operate and run a very real business on the internet! We could work via the internet. It's a hub for all of that, and it makes us have a very real - almost physical - presence on the world wide web. Your profiles are you - in a sense. What that means is that we need to be safe in the digital world as we are represented their - and our information, and sometimes safety and wellbeing can be affected.

In the first instance, we might not feel safe on the internet because of the presence of others under the cloak of anonymity. People can be verbally attacked, harassed and insulted via social media and usually by a faceless tribe. This is an upsetting circumstance - but you can protect yourself. While the words and actions of others can never truly be controlled-  you can still take action. If someone is harassing you online - they can be reported to the social media platform and banned. In severe circumstances, you might consider reporting them to the police. You can also block them or filter out negativity via settings. You might also want to lock your account and ensure it can only be visited by those you trust, or follow.

We also need to be worried about our information becoming compromised. This is the main way one will experience a breach of safety on the internet. People are after your information for a number of reasons, but mainly it's so it can be sold onto companies for a high price. Anyone in business will know that there is a high price for information as it does what it says on the tin and 'informs' businesses. It helps them generate leads. Your information is at risk if you are not being safe on the internet. Your information and your money.

How do people get your info and your money from you? Well, in some cases you might give it up to them. Phishing involves your information or cash being taken via a scam. Ransomware involves you giving up cash or info to a virus that has taken hold of your computer. Either way, a computer virus will mostly always be involved to some extent to lay the groundwork for a scam or a hack. Sort of like a doorway into your computer. You can fight off viruses with software like anti-virus software and anti-malware software that can scan your system and remove any threats. These scans need to be performed regularly, and the software needs to be updated to ensure that it can combat new and improved computer viruses. However if the worst does happen, you can also bounce back if you are taken down by a computer virus if you use cloud backup software to restore your computer.

Keeping yourself - and others - safe is always going to be a priority, and you need to do that digitally, as well as physically. In most circumstances, you’ll be safe if you employ common sense and that goes for the digital world. Educate yourself and take action to be secure online/