Is technology bringing families together, or carrying them apart?

Technology has creeped into every aspect of our lives in the last 10 years, and now, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Technology has a way of helping us to form and strengthen relationships, as well as make them weaker.

Is technology bringing families together, or carrying them apart?

The nation has become technology-addicted. People turn on their televisions whilst they eat their breakfast, and scroll through social media before they get out of bed in the morning. This is not strengthening our relationships with our family. Some couples even announced that this was the main reason for getting a divorce: differing opinions on technology. Slater Gordon are the most experienced in the field of divorce. With over 40% of marriages ending badly, it’s great to invest in a good solicitors, who can make the experience easier.

Though the divorce rate might be high, technology is also helping people to find love in places they would never have looked. It’s no longer about being tied to your hometown, and marrying the man in the house next door (as in most Jane Austen novels). Now, using apps and other software, you can easily meet people who live hundreds of miles away.

Finding a new partner online has become a lot easier, so it’s no surprise that families aren’t binary anymore. A person can now have siblings, step-siblings and half-siblings. Or they can have step-daughter or son-in-laws. Our families are expanding with the technology around us.

Now that so many people have internet access, families are becoming a combination of cultures and races, more so than at any other time in history. It is so easy to meet people from different countries and we’re all just a few simple clicks away from each other.

This also makes it much easier to stay in touch with family members that might live thousands of miles away. They can be kept up to date using photos sent via Facebook which, being free, costs a lot less than a phone call or even a simple text message.

However, how much does technology help our family bond, when our family lives nearby? We hear of parents who are fed up with their children constantly being on their phones, or playing computer games, rather than being outside socialising with other children. Social media helps to keep us in touch with faraway family, but what about the family that lives with us?

Do you think technology brings you closer to your family, or further apart? Let us know in the comments.