Is It Really Possible To Make Extra Money Online?

For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll steer clear of the jobs - freelance or telecommunicating - that involve an online element. These tend to involve some level of skill, experience, or qualification - they just happen to be online.

Instead, we’ll focus on the no-skill jobs that promise to make you a fortune if you just dedicate a few hours a week to their site or app. You have probably seen them being promoted in the comment sections of popular blogs: “I worked 40 hours a week and couldn’t make rent, but now I just work two hours a day and I make £34,988 a year…”

It’s not just the blatant spambots, either. You will see plenty of mention of survey sites, or sites where you can play games to win real money. But are they actually worth anything? Or are they just an endless scam, that would cost more in electricity bills to partake in than you could ever cash out?

Point 1: Legitimate Sites Do Exist

Let’s push aside the notion that you can’t make a bit of extra cash online through these no-skill options. You can. There’s thousands of people who are doing exactly that, and they’re not shy about talking about it. Look at the Facebook pages of the popular survey sites; glance over this Foxy Casino review; scan through the Money Saving Expert forums and you’ll see it over and over again. Endorsements. People making money.

The important thing to remember is that the sums of money in question are not going to make you rich. They’re not going to be a replacement income for your job; nor are they going to allow you to put together the startup costs to launch a business.

The amounts of money in question are relatively minor, especially if you only have a few hours a week to dedicate to these types of sites. However, it is - to an extent - money for very little work at all. If you like answering questions and giving your opinion on various items, then it might even be fun for you.

If it’s therefore possible, what you need to focus on is ensuring that any such online endeavours are going to be worth your time. If you accept that you won’t make your fortune, but could collect a nice bit of extra money for fripperies, then there’s plenty of options out there.

The Scams Do Exist

One of the major problems with these sites are relatively easy to produce, which means their makers can vanish rather quickly as well. That means that the money you make can never be counted on, even with the more established companies. Until you have anything you have earned or won in your bank account, don’t assume that you’re going to get your hands on it.

Being able to tell the difference between a genuine online opportunity and a potential bad deal is important. Follow these tips, and you shouldn’t go far wrong -

1) Ensure You Have Multiple Options Of Contact

If something goes wrong - such as being locked out of your account, or a delayed payment - you’re going to want to do something about it. So before you enter into a site, look for how many methods of contact you have. Legitimate sites will not only display an email and/or postal address, but also have plenty of active social media accounts that you can use to message them should something go wrong.

2) Look For Feedback

A simple Google of the name of the site that you’re considering followed by the word “scam” should quickly show you if something is viable or not. Always try and take the screamingly bad reviews with a pinch of salt; often, users are venting rather than giving constructive reviews. If there are more good reviews than bad, then you probably have a site worth trying with.

3) Always Cash Out

As soon as you reach the lowest cash out threshold, go ahead and withdraw the money you have made or won. Sites will often incentivise you to leave your money with them for longer, by offering bonuses on bigger payouts for example. Don’t be tempted. This is money you have earned, but if the site collapses or vanishes, you will have very little chance of getting it back. So don’t leave it in their hands; cash out at every opportunity.

So while these review, survey, and gaming sites might not be the route to your financial freedom, they can provide some helpful spending money for little indulgences here and there. Well worth considering if you’ve got the time and fancy trying something different.