How To Take Your Business From 0 To 100

It's one thing having a decent running business with a good idea and a little recognition. But what about when you want more? Starting out and making a name for yourself is great, but there will come a point in time when that is no longer enough, and when that does happen, you're going to want to have a plan of action so you can take things to another level without wasting any more time.
Here's what you need to do next.

Go to the relevant events
Networking is how you get seen, and although you will want to attend as many events as possible, you should choose wisely. Where you go and who you mix with will be a reflection on your business, so don't go anywhere that could ruin that.
When you do find the appropriate events to go to, make sure you come equipt with business cards and an idea of conversation starters. You don't want to come off as desperate or ‘salesmen’ like, but you also want to grab people's attention and draw them to you by their own choosing.

Create relationships with business reporters
To survive in today's society, everything revolves around the internet. So if you are able to create connections with people that chat about things online for a living, you could get a wider audience and a lot more attention.
If you know of another local businesses in the area (that you aren't competing with), preferably someone that can compliment your business and you can compliment theirs, like a dog walking company pairing up with an animal loving blogger, for example. They can mention you on their blog, and you can mention their blog to potential customers - win win situation.
So have a think about what connections will be of favour to you and invite them out for a friendly lunch. Start on common ground, and then ask how you can help support their efforts, and they will most likely ask you the same thing (if you hit it off.)

Advertise online the right way
If you aren't sure how to improve your marketing skills online - don't just try and hope for the best - one wrong move could result in you losing all the relationships that you have spent so long making. There are plenty of companies out there known as an influencer marketing agency; they help fellow businesses manage their social content and build up a solid reputation for themselves, so give them a go if you’re struggling.

Nominate your business for competitions
This can mean anything from online competitions to magazine entries. If you go on Google, you will find many different things that you can enter to highlight your company.

Even to have your business name or logo in a magazine or on an article is opening more doors for new consumers and business partners. You shouldn't feel nervous about nominating yourself - everyone does, even if they don't admit it. If you waited around for a random act of kindness, you might be waiting a while. So enter as much as you can - you're not guaranteed anything extraordinary happening, but it's definitely worth a try.