Don’t Space Out When It Comes To Business Premises

Don’t Space Out When It Comes To Business Premises  -  For all you weird and wonderful entrepreneurs out there, here are the unusual ways to obtain new offices.

Technology is great in the early stages of starting a business because it helps people avoid renting office space. As you know, it’s possible to run a semi-successful firm from the comfort of your living room. However, if the company is going to be a big hit, it needs to move out and into a legitimate office space. Now, you can go with the tried and tested methods if that is what tickles your fancy. Or, there are outside the box tips which are just as effective.

For all you weird and wonderful entrepreneurs out there, here are the unusual ways to obtain new offices.

Examine The Workforce

The biggest reason why a lease is so expensive is your labour costs. When you move, the gaggle of employees has to come, too. Otherwise, the business will begin to struggle, and it will ultimately fail before long. Still, that isn’t to say everyone is necessary. There is no doubt that businesses carry deadwood, and these people are going to cost you a fortune. By getting rid of them beforehand, there is no need to search for a bigger and more expensive home. In fact, it might even be possible to stay put for the time being.


Just like in a relationship, there is no reason to move in together if you aren’t married. Cohabiting is a realistic and practical solution for businesses that can’t afford office space. Or, it might just make sense from a business point of view in terms of merging your resources together. Whatever the reason, believes there is no need to dismiss the option out of hand until you look at the fine details. Sure, every company wants their own space because there is nothing more frustrating than stepping on each other’s toes. But, office space is at a premium at the moment, so it might not be a valid option.

Get Someone Else To Do It

For obvious reasons, you’ll take charge of the process. But, what if this isn’t the best way to get a deal? It might sound strange, but asking a third party to do it for you is often the best option. Even though they are a third party, they still have more knowledge and experience. These are the attributes which make middlemen like popular nowadays. Of course, it’s vital that any potential partner is trustworthy and dependable. However, as long as you choose wisely, everything should go according to plan.


In the western hemisphere, haggling isn’t a tool people like to use on a daily basis. Instead, customers contact the seller and buy it at face value. Well, this tactic doesn’t do anyone a favour other than the selling party. The good news is that it is possible to barter for office space if you look in the right places. Craigslist and other online resources post exchange deals on the site all of the time, which is perfect for a company like yours.

Alternatively, there is nothing wrong with negotiating with a realtor.