Make It Happen - Your Action Plan For Your Startup

 So you want to get your startup started? It’s not easy, is it? What you need is an action plan to get you from “I have a dream” all the way to “I made it happen.” There are only a few things you need to consider, but skip them, and you could fail to get your business off the ground at all. Here is the action plan you need to follow to launch your startup:


Whatever you’re selling or whatever you’re offering, people will want to know more about you first. This is where your website comes in handy. Check out online providers like to help you decide how much space and how much security you really need for your website. You can find resources to help you build a site from scratch that is unique to you. Alternatively, you can put together a complete website from WordPress templates for free. Now add plenty of content that is rich with images and links to keep your customers coming back for more.

Make It Happen - Your Action Plan For Your Startup
Goods and Services
What you’re selling has to be good. It has to be desirable. It needs to solve a problem. And it’s down to you to fully clarify what that problem is. Can you find influencers and reviewers to start talking about your offering? Where are you customers online and how can you reach them better? No matter how good your proposition is, it won’t sell itself. Make sure you have a competitive edge, a unique selling point, and tell your customers what that is.
Without customers, you have no sales, and without happy customers, you won’t have any more sales. Unhappy customers will share their experience and turn all other customers off you. Happy customers might also share their experience, and they themselves may well come back to you time and again. Put together a customer service plan. How can you make the buying experience more pleasurable and easy to do? How can you ensure customers can reach you when they need you? Customer service is key to business success.

Make It Happen - Your Action Plan For Your Startup
Marketing Strategy
Your action plan should include the creation of a document that details your marketing strategy. You will probably return to this document several times each quarter to tweak it and refine it. Without a strategy and a campaign plan, you can’t keep the momentum of promotions and marketing going. Continuous communication is essential to keep your brand at the forefront of your market place. Detail the purpose of each and every message, where it is to be placed, and what your call to action will be.
When And How To Expand
Before you get too busy, know what your limits are. Don’t throw cash at your business before it’s generating an income. Figure out how many orders you can manage on your own. Then figure out what it will cost to hire someone to help. How many sales do you need to cover that wage? There are risks to expanding, but there’s a bigger risk to your business if you don’t. Find the tipping point, and keep to the right side of it. Good luck.