Unavoidable Tech Costs For Your Startup

Unavoidable Tech Costs For Your Startup

For any startup, it’s essentially impossible to avoid those initial costs. If your startup is in any way technological, as so many are these days, then these costs can be significantly increased by your equipment needs. Even the smallest company is going to require a computer per person, and everything that comes along with it. There are even costs that you might not have considered, such as web hosting and tech support. If you’re on the road to starting your tech company, here are some startup costs that are unavoidable.

PC systems

However you plan to configure your workload and divide it up among workers, one thing is for sure: everyone is going to need their own computer. While many companies are going straight to Apple products, it’s worth shopping around - you don’t necessarily want just to be buying the name. Lesser known companies, such as Eizo business monitors, are a great alternative to Apple products, and for a far more reasonable price. One big decision you do need to make, however, is whether you want your workers to be stationary or mobile - it’s the age old desktop vs. laptop conundrum. But only you can know how what will work best for your company. 

Unavoidable Tech Costs For Your Startup

Printing and scanning

While we all have the best intentions to go paperless, and society as a whole is moving in the right direction, slowly but surely, we’re not quite there yet. So printing and scanning facilities are essential, especially for any contracts you’ll have to fill in - of while there will be many. For a low-output company with a small employee base, a single dual printer scanner setup should suffice, and could save you significant amounts of money. That way, all your printing, scanning, and bonus photocopying needs are covered.

Relevant programs

Software costs, and unless you plan on running your company completely on open source programs, you’re going to need to put aside the cash for software subscriptions for all of your employees. Depending on the size of your company and your software needs, this could be anywhere between £30 a year, and £1000. So make sure you budget for it in your business plan and startup costs so you don’t get a nasty surprise.

Unavoidable Tech Costs For Your Startup

Web hosting

Whether you plan on hosting your own site or not, it’s going to cost you money. While it might not be significant amounts, it’s still a cost which needs accounting for in the lead up to trading. The cost of the domain is one thing, but actually paying a company to host and support your site is a whole other kettle of fish. So be sure to shop around and get a price and a service which works for what you need. 

Other costs which you may choose to incur include tech support, especially if you’re going to have a few employees working on a secure server. There is also the cost of firewalls and antivirus software in order to keep your data and your customer’s data secure. So, however techy your company is, you can’t avoid the costs at startup.