Top 3 Things To Do Online When The Kids Have Gone To Bed

Kids, you can’t get them up in the morning and you can’t get them down at night. Were we as awkward when we were kids? We probably were, but back then there weren’t as many distractions as there seem to be nowadays. What do you do when the kids have gone to bed? Do you do what the majority of parents do and switch on the TV? There’s nothing wrong with that of course, switching on the widescreen and switching off the brain is something we all need to do now and again, bit for when you want to try something a little different. Here are three suggestions about what you can do online:

Top 3 Things To Do Online When The Kids Have Gone To Bed


Online shopping is one of the major online activities we indulge in, and globally around 50% of people shop online. In China only one percent of people surveyed said that they didn’t shop online meaning 99% do. What’s more it’s good for us. Retail therapy really does make us happy, it’s a scientifically proven fact, not that we needed scientists to tell us what we already knew. Online shopping is a great way to spend the evening after the kids have gone to bed.


Around 9 million people in the UK will gamble online in 2014, so why not join them? There is nothing wrong with a little responsible online gambling so indulge yourself in a game of blackjack, roulette and even bingo. If you don’t want to gamble though you can actually play for free; this might be the better option all things considered!  Visit this page to see all William Hill Apps available for your current device!


Learning a foreign language is another popular online pursuit. All you need is a Skype account and a decent Skype headset and you can engage a personal tutor for just £20 a session which is a great way to back up the other foreign language teaching aids many of which are entirely free. If you want to try it out, many online language schools have free trials.