Best Bizarre and Amusing Apps Online

Weirdest and Wackiest Apps in the World

In today’s world technology is becoming more and more important. We use apps to help do everything, from tracking our fitness to learning a new language, to staying connected via social media platforms or make our best pics look stunning.

Best Bizarre and Amusing Apps Online
The best-designed apps have also completely changed the way we spend our leisure time. The games that are available now, including everything from online casino games to MMO’s, are beautifully designed and completely engaging. You can take your fun with you wherever you go and fit in a few moments of gameplay whenever you can, which is important when you’re as busy as everyone is these days.

So we can all agree that apps are essential tools for modern living, and truly innovative options are being developed all the time. But, as with any human endeavour, some truly strange apps have also been invented! Some are completely useless, some are completely bizarre, but all of them are good for a laugh. Here are just a few of our favourites – there are plenty more to discover.

Pimple Popper

Aptly described as gross and addictive at the same time, Pimple Popper is for anyone who appreciated the satisfaction of releasing the pressure of a pimple and getting the gunk out of their face in a projectile stream. The goal is literally to pop a series of pimples and so progress to the next level. There are different types of pimples that must be popped in different ways, and a pimple scab to peel. We’ve been wasting time doing this in real life for years, so it’s not surprising such a game has arrived in the digital arena. Disgusting, perhaps, but not surprising.

Einstein’s Pedometer

Somewhat more cerebral than the Pimple Popper app, Einstein’s Pedometer measures how special relativity affects peoples’ activities. As you run, your personal velocity increases so, according to Einstein’s theory of special relativity, you experience time as moving more slowly. Anything that is moving slower than you will experience time as faster. The faster you move, the more nanoseconds you gain. Science enthusiasts will love this one, and it could have some real value in teaching people about Einstein’s theories in a tangible way.

The BroStache

We’re all familiar with holding a fake moustache in front of our mouths as we talk, to impersonate someone or simply to be entertaining. The BroStache app takes popular culture’s love affair with moustaches and, indeed, with all things bro. You can choose from 7 different moustache types, then hold your smartphone horizontally in front of your mouth and start talking. The image on the screen of a chin, mouth and moustache will move in response to the sound of your voice.

Goat Simulator

Best Bizarre and Amusing Apps Online
What a truly glorious waste of time this app is! Goat simulator uses a ragdoll physics model to simulate goats going on a rampage, and falling from high buildings, getting run over by cars and more at the same time. You can play single or multiplayer versions and kids – of all ages! – will enjoy it.


Now also called Spoonr, Cuddlr is a social networking app that allows strangers to find others in the Cuddlr community for platonic cuddles. It’s an honest reflection of where human civilisation is right now, and it is used and needed by many people.

Hold the Button

Test your stamina, willpower or sheer stupidity with Hold the Button, and see how long you can commit to this pointless activity. A fingerprint appears in the middle of the screen, and your task is to hold your own finger over it for as long as you possibly can. You can compare your score with those of others from around the world, so it’s the perfect app for all those ultra-competitive, yet completely unmotivated and directionless, slackers out there.

These weird and wacky apps are just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more that will keep you enthralled, help you procrastinate for longer, or engage in odd and absurd activities!