5 Factors That Make Dota2 Better Than Football

Hobbies can be defined as typically male and those for females. When we were kids, our dads went crazy about big sports, like football or basketball. These matches kept them around the TVs all day long.

Today football was put on the back burner with the Internet. Virtual sports have gained insane popularity. Such games as Dota2 turned in some kind of a new religion. Millions of people all over the world have united to play this exciting MMO and even make money on it. Here are five main factors that make Dota2 much more popular than any other virtual or real life sport:

Money and Societies

5 Factors That Make Dota2 Better Than Football
People do not only donate. They earn money on this game. The easiest way is Dota 2 betting, where one chooses a team and places a bet on their next match. Of course, it is important to be deeply acknowledged in all the rules and follow every team's movement.

Each item they get, any rotation they accomplish, influences team's balance and can change the results drastically. Professional gamers get paid for every match they win. Sums might vary from a few dollars to thousands.

It is important to understand that Dota is more than just an online game. Numerous societies all over the web have united gamers in teams. Professional players rent or buy whole bases where they live and practice.  Such establishments have strict rules and unbreakable schedules. Their main aim is upgrading gaming characters and winning as many matches as possible.

Accessibility and Excitement

Anyone who has a PC and Internet connection can join Dota club. Downloading a client takes about a few minutes. If you have no wish to play but love watching the others - hundreds of societies are waiting for you. Most of them run matches online.  Follow the latest news to find out where and when they meet. Gamers do it often to grab a beer or two and discuss their latest achievements or share the news.

5 Factors That Make Dota2 Better Than Football
Gamers never get bored playing Dota2 because of novelties. Developers offer new patches and cool items for sale. Some players regret there are no map extensions, others believe all fights differ pretty much because of their rivals' variety. It does not matter how well one might know this location - chances for victory change with every match.

Dota2 is definitely one of the most exciting games ever. It lets gamers discover their inner potential by showing off their strongest skills. Today it is more than just a game but a huge industry, which brings stable income to all: from developers to spectators.

Hundreds of teams all over the world have changed their lives thanks to this amazing online game. This is why virtual sport bets might become more popular than all other betting offers very soon.

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