Lottoland - A Different Way To Play The Lottery

We all like the convenience of being able to play the lottery, and even better if you have an increased chance of winning. And that's what I like about Lottoland.

There's a bit of a difference with Lottoland though... Firstly it is 'matched betting' which is a technique used to profit from incentives offered by the provider. It is generally risk free as it is based on the outcome of a specific result rather than chance.  Secondly, your betting is conducted through Lottoland and any winnings are paid to you by the same company - not the lottery you are betting on.

It’s up to you which combo of lottery tickets you buy. You might try the Irish lotto one week and Euromillions the next, or how about adding a Powerball into the mix on the following week? Once you've selected your games then you'll be taken through the steps for entry, i.e. buying tickets, picking numbers, playing for x amount of weeks.

Take a look around the website for new player offers and weekly specials.  You can keep track of all your games via your account or you could download the Lottoland app and play on the move - whenever you're feeling lucky just purchase a ticket with a couple of taps.

Oh, and don't forget... if you win, you read about it here first!