Five activities that are now no longer thought of as ‘geeky’

Back in the 80s and 90s, being a geek or a nerd, was not something aspirational. For some reason, there geeks were relegated to the bottom of the social hierarchy within schools. However, in the past two decades it has somehow been more acceptable to do and like geeky things. These activities and hobbies are now not only thought of as exclusively ‘geeky’ as they have become increasingly main-stream. Not sure what I am talking about? Have a look at the list below; these are five activities that used to be considered totally geeky, but that self-proclaimed geeks and non-geeks alike now both enjoy.

Online gaming

Online gaming used to have such a bad reputation when it first hit the scene. There was this misconception that it was an asocial activity for people with no friends. This myth has finally lost some hold, and it is now gaming is widely considered a cool activity in which to engage. Popular forms of online gaming include web-games, RPGs and FPS games. Many games also include chat features to make them more interactive between players. Royal Vegas casino is a good example of a popular online gaming site that attracts people from all walks of life. They offer such a huge variety of games. For instance, their themed slots attract people with lots of different interests; everything from sports to movies.

Fantasy novels

Gone are the days when reading was considered an exclusively geeky activity. Fantasy novels used to be thought of as the geekiest genre of books, but J.K Rowling took care of that! The immense popularity of the Harry Potter book series got both children and adults reading again with a fierce passion. And the release of The Lord of the Rings movies inspired everyone to pick up the books on which they were based.

Comic books

Linked to the previous point, comic books were also thought of as super geeky reading material. But in a similar fashion to The Lord of the Rings movies inspiring people to pick up the original books, so did the stream of Marvel and D.C comics inspired movies that had popular celebrities portraying the superheroes. With enormous appreciation for these movies, people began picking up the comic books too.


Documentaries used to be thought of as a snore-fest that only geeks enjoyed. But there has been a shift recently. We are not sure if the standard of documentary making has improved or if it is just a generational quirk, but millennials seem to love their documentaries! In a world where it is now important to be socially aware, documentaries are fast becoming a favourite means of educating yourself further on contemporary and topical issues.

Zombie walks

Anything to do with science-fiction or Zombies had previously been thought of as patently uncool. But once again, popular culture and television series have had a huge impact on this changing. The Walking Dead became an overnight hit and the world fell in love with Zombies. This made Zombie walks, where you dress up as the undead and partake in a group walk, incredibly popular too.