How casinos changed the world: fun facts

How casinos changed the world: fun facts
Casinos and gambling have played a very real part in a number of important historical events, and have also been central to many superstitions – from the construction of the Great Wall of China to the development of the humble sandwich. This article will detail some of these unlikely ways in which casinos influenced the wider world.

The devil’s in the detail

One of the more unusual superstitions that has arisen as a result of casino gambling is that of roulette being known as the chosen game of the Devil. Surprisingly this did not arise from the fact that it is pretty hard to win money by playing roulette, compared with other casino games – although that might have played a part in the superstition continuing to flourish in the years since it started – it is because adding up the numbers found on the roulette wheel, going from 1 up to 36, you end up with the number 666.

A fine Finnish

We all know that slot machines, both the online and the land-based versions of these games, offer some of the best opportunities to win money through casino gaming – but the largest sum ever won through playing an online slot is still a bit of an eye- opener. A Finnish man enjoyed the remarkable good fortune of claiming £17,861,813 through a progressive jackpot in 2013, and was probably glad he was playing online as he would have needed large pockets to get all that home in change!

Sandwiches for lunch?

Ever wondered where the classic sandwich comes from? Well now thanks to Ladbrokes casino fact guide we do! The earl of sandwich was an avid gambler and card game player. So much so that when stuck in a game he would have his staff bring him beef slices between two slices of bread therefore creating the one of the most famous snacks of all time, the sandwich

Virgin on the crazy

Many casino games have unusual origins, but few can match that of baccarat. This is believed to have come from an Etruscan religious ceremony called worship of the nine gods. This involved rolling dice to decide what would happen to virgins – with 9 or 8 scores seeing them become priestesses, 7 or 6 seeing them banned from religious rites and anything below 6 seeing them dumped in the sea to drown. Thankfully the penalties for low scores are now a little less severe.

Great Wall of Keno

As mentioned in the introduction, casino gambling played a major role in the construction of the Great Wall of China. In fact it was the profits generated through people playing – and losing – at the game of Keno that helped with the financing of this project. For some of those players, it might have been better if the wall had been built around the casino.

Casinos have had a big part to play in history throughout the world, and have seen some spectacular winners and losers.

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