Home Security

I used to work for an insurance brokers and managed to get a fabulous staff discount on my home insurance. Now I have to shop around for insurance – sometimes visiting a broker similar to the one I use to work for but usually I turn to the online comparison websites which have became a great way to check one company against another. 

Now, when our insurance is due for renewal we first try recommendations from family and friends then check the comparison websites. Our final step is to ring a few companies direct and try to bring the price down a little further.  It always helps that we have modern doors and new double glazing so our security is tip top - something that's been helped by using online key cutting services such as Fast Keys to make sure that we have spare keys available in any emergency.  We have spare keys at my daughter's house and my brother-in-law's house but luckily, we've never had to use them yet.

Another thing that's brought our home insurance down in price is having a lockable safe in the house. We keep all our personal items in here such as passports, our insurance documents, birth certificates, car documents and - surprisingly - another set of spare keys.  Just in case!!

All our personal possessions are kept inside these four brick walls - it makes sense to want to keep them safe, doesn't it?

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