How mobile gaming became mainstream

Despite the current range of next-gen consoles offering an incredible amount of graphical and open-world innovation, it’s mobile gaming that has really captivated the public’s attention.From simple puzzle games, to online casinos and creative strategy games, 2015 was the year that mobile gaming became big news, and here’s how.

Early mobile gaming developments may have lacked graphical depth, but the concept of  keeping the gameplay simple is something that has endured to the present day. Basic games  such as Minesweeper and Snake still manage to provide moments of nostalgia for even the  most ardent gamer, but as mobile technology has advanced, so have the gaming developers’  efforts to provide the most advanced mobile game yet.

As a result, traditional games such as poker and roulette have been given an incredible 21st  century makeover thanks to Coral’s site that features the widest range of classic live casino  table games online, and the site also features a tempting welcome bonus to back it up with a  little financial assistance, as well as some startling real-life gaming opportunities.

The way that the online casino has managed to provide a much more human aspect to the mobile gaming experience can also be seen in the likes of the acclaimed Her Story game.

This features emotional video footage of a crime report that the viewer must piece together to  work out the true series of events regarding a missing person.

However, much as an online casino would expect players to make deposits to keep playing,  such gaming formats have entered the mobile gaming arena with the rise of in-app  purchases. Even Kanye West’s somewhat hypocritical rant about in-app purchases illustrates  the fact that many gamers have been unexpectedly caught out by games that require the  user to pay more money in order to proceed further with the game.

But such in-app purchases are now an essential part the mobile gaming environment. Many  big mobile games such as The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land are able to achieve a much  greater market penetration by allowing the initial release to be available for free, but once the  player has started to play, the in-app purchases are slowly introduced.

Such a strategy is increasingly becoming the norm through streaming services such as Apple  Music and Netflix who frequently offer a free trial period before introducing a fee.  And as such, it looks like mobile games that range from online casinos to enigmatic puzzle  sagas will continue to find evermore ingenious methods for maintaining their incredible success.