Bring your own device to work has just got a whole lot better

It is fair to say that the world of business has probably not been as quick as consumers to embrace new technology. Where individuals have invested in tablets, smartphones and the latest laptops, desktop computers have remained the staple of many offices up and down the country.

This is not of course true of all industries and increasingly many companies are encouraging the Bring Your Own Device policy, as mentioned in a previous post on Geekalicious. Whilst not a new concept, (the term was first coined around four years ago) its effectiveness has increased in recent times due to advances in technology.

Initially Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was fraught with problems. Many of the lower grade devices were unable to stand up to the rigours of business and proved to be unreliable. They were also a risk from a security point of view and as a result BYOD often caused more problems than they solved.

As time has gone on and employers have realised the benefits that the Bring Y

our Own Device scheme can bring to the company; tech firms have been working hard to deliver the very best applications to help eradicate those problems.

Dell for example, have devised a number of products aimed at the home and work market. They range from tablets to laptops to cloud connectivity devices; all aimed at ensuring employees can use the devices they love without compromising security.

The benefits of using technology at home as well as in the office are great. It allows employees to work remotely when they are needed to. This can have a positive effect on productivity for the organisation as it allows employees to use the device for both personal and business use.

From the point of view of the business it saves costs on investing in new IT equipment every year as well as potentially saving money on maintenance. Bring Your Own Device can also help employers attract new and retain current staff by letting them use the devices they want for work.

As individuals continue their love affair with technology and have a desire to have the very latest devices; BYOD makes good sense. It benefits the company, it benefits the individual and it allows greater flexibility for everyone involved.

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