[REVIEW] Lumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank

Every day we rely on our mobile devices more and more.  Whilst we are out and about we are texting, calling, using social media and this sucks the life out of the battery. Recently I have been trying out the Lumsing (harmonica style) portable power bank and I have to say that I'm very impressed. 

Lumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank

What is it?

The Lumsing Portable Power Bank is an external battery and/or recharger for your mobile devices. Using this power bank you can recharge your phone or your tablet whilst out and about (e.g. over-night camping, at a festival, on a day trip).

What do you get?

Included in the package is the Lumsing power bank, a USB cable, a carrying pouch and a user guide.  The power bank weighs 12.5 oz and easily fits into your pocket or bag for 'on the move' charging. 

How does it work?

The power bank can be charged up via your computer using the USB cable or a wall socket (worth noting that to be used with an Apple device, you will have to use your own original cable) and the amount of charge held inside the power bank is displayed by a row of four blue lights (demonstrated in the image to the right). 

The power bank includes two USB ports so that two devices can be charged at the same time. The Lumsing also incorporates an auto-shut-off which kicks in when your mobile device has been fully charged or is unplugged from the power bank which saves the charge inside the unit. I used the power bank to recharge my tablet and my video camera and home then I blasted it back up to full charge. I took it out with me during a day out last week to recharge my phone a couple of times and the unit itself doesn't actually need recharging at the moment.

Show me more!

Here is a short video I made showing you the size of the power bank and some of the features. 

Visit the Lumsing product page on Amazon for more details and pricing.